If one’s choice of bank were based solely on the TV ads that banks have been coming out with, consumers would definitely have a tough time choosing one over the other. And isn’t that what advertising is all about? Boosting the bank’s image and getting the customer’s interest more than a little piqued?

While bank commercials and catchphrases have been around for the longest time, many banks still have yet to learn to say what the customers want to hear. Nowadays though, most bank ads are so smartly conceptualized, wittily worded, and perfectly produced so as to clearly communicate with millions of potential bank clients.

The recent months have seen a surge in commercials that have elicited more than the usual yawns and the “been there, done that” responses from bank customers. Here are some of the latest bank ad campaigns and the banks’ values they intended to convey. These ads had people informed, amused, inspired, and most importantly, got them thinking.

Bank of America®: Perseverance

Bank of America® hit a rousing note in its “Keep Moving Forward” ad which had lines that went like this “This is America and no matter how, no matter where, no matter what… We keep moving forward.” In a country waging an uphill battle against economic recession, the ad’s message is certainly uplifting. And while we don’t know for sure if this campaign won BofA more clients, it did get the thumbs up of the TV-watching public.

Citibank: Good Habits

Citibank promotes good banking practices in the “Everyone’s Talking “campaign. The series of 30-second commercials touts the personal finance habits individuals would do well to cultivate in times like these – saving, spending smarter, and keeping one’s money safe.

Ally Bank: No Fine Print

Perhaps one of the bank TV commercials that got such a varied range of reactions from viewers is Ally Bank’s ad campaign featuring different scenarios (Pony, Truck, Bike, and Hide), all expressing the same message – being straightforward. Because the adverts put kids in situations that left them hanging, some people weren’t happy with the approach, while others thought that the ads were funny and got the message across. Either way, vintage-feeling commercials got attention and great results.

Chase: Experience

In introducing itself to former Washington Mutual clients in California, Chase Bank launched a TV commercial that features familiar California scenes in black and white: a swimmer in the ocean, a biker on a lonely road; all shown with a classic John Lennon song playing in the background. The ad’s closing line? “Chase is new to California, but not to banking.

With these types of ad campaigns, banks are giving off good impressions to bank depositors. Now if they can somehow follow through on these positive vibes, banking with them would certainly be a pleasure.

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