Last week the American Bankers Association (ABA) released their newest survey that shows shift in consumer preference away from visiting bank branches.  The annual survey of 1,000 consumers was conducted on August 14-16-2009.  The phone interview had consumers answer a list of questions that generated results that showed the popularity of online banking was not exclusive to the youngest consumers, but actually extended to the age of 55.  Consumers over 55 still prefer to visit their local branch (26 percent), followed by ATMs (17 percent – down across all age groups).

A new addition was the use of mobile banking (cell phones, PDAs, etc.), which was preferred by one percent of consumers, primarily among 18 to 34 year olds.

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To learn more about ABA please click here.

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  • Patsy Solt

    You can pay your bills online if you’re enrolled in an Interest Checking Account. Is that the type of account you opened?

  • Ewan Noble

    Ally’s “Bill Pay” makes the task of paying bills online easy. Just sign up online once you have your account open.

  • Clayton Corto

    I found their iPhone app interface to be a bit confusing when I went to go pay for a bill. I logged into my computer instead and did it through there.

  • Kirk Mills

    Capital One 360’s iinterface is a lot cleaner, from my experience. Made the switch over the Summer.