A computer system glitch today caused TD Bank to delay some of their online banking transactions.  Representatives say that overnight transactions were not being posted, meaning that customers balances did not reflect any purchases made past 6pm Tuesday.  Due to these complications, TD has shut down its internet banking to work on the problem, and has said that it hopes to be back up by later this afternoon.


Not So Convenient

The system first crashed Friday night, and had been down all weekend, only opening up again on Monday.  However, it crashed again Tuesday night, meaning that customers still do not have real-time access to their balances.  TD assures its customers that it is working on the problem, and that other than the fact that the balance will not be updated, there will be no other changes to regular banking practices.  TD hopes that the system will be back up by 4pm today.

This crash comes only a week after the bank added a few hundred TD Banknorth offices onto its system.

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  • Rolo Tumassi

    Thanks for nothing TD ^%$& up bank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kookycutter

    I loved L.A. Confidential too!

  • robertdunn

    You need to hire better people at your Lake Worth Rd Fl branch…I will be taking my money elsewhere…With all your other problems you dont need snippy little .itch teller talking down to customers…BAD BUSINESS…This is not the first time

  • haimk

    For Over a month now My Business are unable to do any online banking.
    Cant talk to anyone in TD Bank about it, they have you waiting from 30 min to over two hours just to ask you for your Account Number, Address, Name, Tax ID, Last Deposit and more Bull and then tell you that they really don’t have an answer for you but they know that there is a Glitch in the System.

    The branch told me that they are not allowed to call the Online services for me.
    Are they for Real?

    Using QuickBooks online is a Hit or Miss, They did tell me that they have issues with that.

    When a Glitch is a month Long, its no longer a Glitch, It’s a Fuck Up.

    What bank/company upgrades theirs Software without Proper Testing? Without an extensive dry run, without knowing 99.9% that all will work FINE?

    Next Week I am moving to a better bank, how do I know its better? It can’t be any worst.