Its like having a bank in your pocket.  Mobile Wallet, US Bank’s comprehensive mobile banking application that launched Tuesday, brings additional services to the Bank’s current mobile banking plan. The Bank has teamed up with a Qualcomm company called Firethorn Holdings, which provides the technology for the application.


Bringing Online Banking to Your Phone

In addition to the mobile website and text alerts already offered by US bank, the Mobile Wallet will provide all the services of online banking on a phone, allowing customers to:

  • Check an account balance
  • View account transaction history
  • View rewards information
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Access current US Bank offers

The application is currently offered on a variety of popular mobile devices, listed here on the US Bank website, with more being added each week.  US Bank assures users that the mobile service is secure, fast, and easy to use.  For more information or to register, visit US Bank online at

Competitor in the New Mobile Market

The new application puts US Bank at the forefront of new mobile banking technology, which some believe is the next step for easier, faster banking on the go, after online banking.  While the Mobile Wallet provides a near complete banking experience, US Bank has yet to develop an application such as those offered by Bank of America®, Chase and Citibank that provide a bank finding function as well.

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  • USBank Customer

    Lots of bugs, cannot download, customer service for USBank treats you like you are an idiot. 1. they do not listen to your problem and assume you do not know how to work a phone to download an application. FYI – This is not my fist SmartPhone and if the link that USBank provides to download an application does not work then USBank should fix it.

  • USBank Customer

    USBANK Mobile wallet does not download fromthe site. WTF they are still haveing problems thre months later.

  • Tobyabba

    I absolutely LOVE this app, easy transfers and balance updates!

  • Tobyabba

    I absolutely LOVE this app, easy transfers and balance updates!

  • Scottmd


    • Laurenmackenzie

      I cannot either! Please let me know if you figure this out.