After a week of ups and downs, TD Bank has changed their homepage to address customer concerns. Their official message reads:
“We are experiencing delays in updating certain account transactions which has impacted some of our Customers. Across the organization, all hands are on deck to resolve these issues, and get back to business as usual. From Maine to Florida, our employees remain focused on helping our Customers through this period.”


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Rest assured, your accounts are safe and secure.


We’re here for you. Please visit your local TD Bank store and speak with a Customer Service representative, or read our frequently asked questions for more information.

My Bank Tracker will continue to post regular updates on any changes that occur. Click here to read the message on the TD Bank website.

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  • rebeccaNH

    Yep they effectively LOST my husband's once a month paycheck to the tune of almost 4k. Waited on hold an hour last night to get it pushed through on my acct. Funny how they could do that when they couldn't even find it. It was no where on my acct. The person I spoke to was very nice & apologetic but didn't have a clue. First tried to tell me he would put in the difference between what I was telling him the check was for & what MY check deposit was yesterday. That the deposit had been split. When I heard the amount I had to inform him that was MY check deposit not my husband's. He then said he would add the deposits….add up what exactly? It was one deposit that should have been in the bank at 12am on 10/1. Nothing to add. Finally after speaking with a sup he just put the deposit on the acct. He assured me I could pay my bills….God help them if any of my electronic payments don't go through. He was nice enough to give me $25 in credit for waiting to speak with him for an hour. That was great…but hardly worth the 4k they lost. I am shopping around for another bank & will be switching as soon as we can set up direct deposit at the new bank. BankNorth keeps getting worse the bigger they get. They took over my little neighborhood bank years ago & it has been problems ever since. This was the last straw. Good bye BankNorth!

  • We have been experiencing some delays in overnight posting, but are making progress. TD Bank account balances are currently up to date. Please note transaction processing usually does not happen over the weekend.

    We encourage customers to visit a store or call the call center so we can continue to help them resolve individual issues. We are experiencing high call volume at our call center, but they are ready to serve you.

    We know our Customers are concerned. We acknowledge and understand their frustration. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused them and we thank them for their patience and understanding.

    We will reverse fees associated with this issue.

  • timboukouris

    TD Bank is a nightmare. I used to love Commerce I had an account their for 8 years and the were truly convenient. They were friendly and helpful. The TD merged with them and at first all I noticed was the color change from red and blue to green and white. The personnel began to change in my branch and while they were personable they were stressed. The T”D”ay hit and corporate really screwed up. I had three direct deposits that didn't get processed properly and my EFT mortgage payment did. Then I was in the red by over a thousand dollars. I also had to travel for work but I didn't have money for gas. Then I had to spend over an hour on the phone to get funds in my account. My wife unfortunately lost her Visa/Debit card and still hasn't received a new one…and it's October 15th.

    I had enough and I have move my direct deposits to my credit union and i am going to close my TD accounts, savings and checking. By the way, I am not overly pleased with the credit union either but they have never screwed up my accounts.

    If the old Commerce were to come back or another bank were to become Commerce like, I would switch to them. They were a very convenient, customer friendly bank and they are missed.