If you own, want to own, or have heard of a smartphone, and are interested in seeing where the world of mobile web might be headed, the research arm of Morgan Stanley has released a massive 424 page report on the mobile internet, as well as a 659 slide presentation that highlights the key themes. Don’t have time to peruse 1000 pages of information on the mobile web? Fortunately for you, we do. Here is an abridged version that break down the major takeaway points of the report into a manageable read.

About the Report

Morgan Stanley tackled the mobile web as a follow up to its 1995 “Internet Report,” and to try and gain some insight into what the future may look like for what they say “may be the biggest technology trend ever.” By doing this they hope to contribute to the conversation and make everyone more informed in the ways they think about mobile internet technology in the upcoming years.

Morgan Stanley Report 2009
Morgan Stanley Report 2009

Massive Market Growth

The report emphasized the importance of Apple in the development of mobile web technology, saying that the “iPhone/iTouch/iTunes ecosystem may prove to be the fastest-ramping and most disruptive technology product/service launch the world has ever seen.”

The presentation was broken into 8 major themes. Each of these themes touched on an aspect of the global mobile internet market, and reasons for its rampant growth. One of the most astounding statements to come out of the report is that Morgan Stanley expects the mobile internet to be at least twice the size of the desktop internet market boom of the early 1990’s. They attribute this to the smaller size, ease of use and lower price of mobile web devices.

Converging Trends

The report discusses how 5 major trends (3G, Video, ViOP Calls, Social Networking, Impressive Mobile Devices) are currently coming together to make mobile internet ramp up even faster than desktop internet did. The combination of smaller handheld devices which can access wireless internet networks that are becoming available in more and more location, allow such trends as user based video like YouTube, social networking like Facebook or Twitter, and internet calling like Skype to grow exponentially. Social networks especially drive the growth of the mobile internet market, and the more it expands, the more important these networks become.

Apple is Main Player, But Google May Be Close Behind

Currently, Apple is cleaning up in mobile web, but the report suggests that Google’s Android platform may be gaining ground. The report attributes Apple’s success to its integrated ecosystem of iPhone and the iTunes App Store, as well as its innovative devices. However, Google may be a threat, with its open source applications and by being offered on a wider variety of 3rd party devices.

The report gives some interesting insights into the future of the mobile web market, which is sure to continue to be one of the most important and innovative technological fields of our time.

For more information, you can find the complete report online at the Morgan Stanley website.

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