We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new MyBankTracker.com App for iPhone and iPod Touch. Version 1.0 is up and running, with great initial feedback from test users. Our App locates your bank, maps banks nearby with travel directions and stays on top of the latest bank news and promotional offers – getting banking information to you on the go – and when you need it. iPhone and iPod Touch users now have thousands of banks at their fingertips, with the option to personalize the App for your bank in one easy step.

iPhone App

Key features:


Make finding your bank even simpler by personalizing the MyBankTracker.com application. Tap the My Bank option, select your bank, and you’re done. The app will remember your settings and you’ll never have to search for your bank again.


Locate Banks Near You: Using the iPhone or iPod Touch GPS to pinpoint your exact location, the MyBankTracker.com application creates a detailed map of the banks near you. Tap any icon to view a unique profile page for more information on that bank.
Get Directions: Once you find the bank you want, tap again to get turn by turn directions to the branch by bus, car or on foot through Google Maps.


Always stay up to date with the latest banking news and deals. The MyBankTracker.com application is designed to help you make smart financial decisions with daily news, deals and promotional offers.


  • GPS pinpoint location finder
  • List format that is sorted by distance
  • Bank personalization for quick search and directions
  • Information automatically updated as you change locations on the map
  • Individual profile pages by bank and bank branch
  • Walking, public transit or driving directions through Google Maps
  • Daily news, deals and promotional offers
  • Ability to email bank news and locations
  • Functions in normal and landscape mode

To learn more about the App or to download please click here.

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