American Express has taken another step to make invoicing customers and accepting various forms of online payment faster and more convenient for small business owners.


Multiple Payment Options

One of the biggest perks of the AcceptPay solution is that it gives your customers the option to pay my credit card, eCheck, and ACH payments, giving them a variety of options to pay for your goods and services. Simply set up an AcceptPay account, and fill out the form for email invoices, and your customer will receive their invoice via email, and are provided with a variety of payment options, including chase or bank transfers.

With AcceptPay, you are able to also set up recurring invoices that are automated so you don’t need to think about them every week or month. The program will track your invoices you you will know which have already been paid, and which still have a balance due.

Two Versions

AmEx offers two versions of AcceptPay, the full-featured solution at $20 per month, and the freeware version, AcceptPay Lite. Lite does not offer online payments, automatic receipts, sync with Quickbooks or imported customers lists, but it still provides one user with 10 email invoices per month for unlimited customers, and the recurring invoice option.

To learn more about AcceptPay or to sign up, visit the page here.

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  • bob

    acceptpay seems to offer echeck payments at $0.55 flat rate. great compared to accepting an echeck through paypal at 1.9 to 2.9% plus $0.30.

  • bob

    acceptpay seems to offer echeck payments at $0.55 flat rate. great compared to accepting an echeck through paypal at 1.9 to 2.9% plus $0.30.

  • Joe

    AcceptPay Lite is all about getting you to switch to the paid version. I sent a bunch of invoices and early this month and came back three weeks later to send several more and was locked out of the account. The reset password feature was disabled, so I had to wait and contact customer service the following day. After spending 10 minutes listening to a high pressure pitch to upgrade to the paid service, the customer service person tried to reset my password but told me that the system would not allow her to do so. She said I could reset up the free account (and re-input all my clien't billing info) but that they were only “demo” accounts and were not designed to actually be used for anything more than a short demo. Unfortunately that is not the way American Express markets it!!

    In my opinion, they make enough off the discount fee and paying an extra $20 per month isn't worth it. To some people it may be a reasonable charge. I can't imagine doing any more business with them, though, after this fiasco!

  • Wow

    actually the most attractive thing is SAME DAY FUNDING.