Last year, Super Bowl fans were amused (if mildly disturbed) by an ad campaign featuring a deep-voiced baby seated at a computer and giving matter-of-fact investment advice. The campaign, run by Etrade Financial, aimed to show how anyone could invest successfully with Etrade and be liberated from “big, expensive brokers.”

Same Campaign, New Baby

The campaign, which was initially launched in 2008, was a huge success, even gaining a viral following on YouTube, and so the company has decided to continue the campaign into 2010 by running five spots leading up to and during the Super Bowl.

For this year’s campaign, Etrade plans on continuing the message that Etrade can liberate you from brokers and help you manage your own investment needs, as well as emphasizing the importance of being in tune with the changing economy.

Utilizing Social Media

After the huge viral success of the ads on YouTube, Etrade plans on heavily leveraging social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. The YouTube channel has had over 19 million views, and already the campaigns Twitter page has more than 3,000 followers who read the periodic tweets sent out by the “baby.”

Some critics of the campaign believe that trying to utilize the talking baby shtick for a third year in a row is a risky move. Although there will be a new baby, and different spots, some believe that the novelty of a mature-sounding baby has worn off. Etrade will have to come up with some way to make it fresh to compete with the many clever ads that have come to characterize the Super Bowl.

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