“Presidential Reunion,” new skit featuring a star-studded cast of SNL stars has gone viral this week. Comedians from Will Ferrell to Chevy Chase appeared, reliving their roles as past US presidents who come back to advise President Obama on the financial crisis.

Funny, with a Message

The skit, which features a who’s who of actors that have famously portrayed president’s on Saturday Night Live, briefly touches on some of the past presidents’ actions in office, which in the end has Obama (played by current SNL comedian Fred Armisen) saying that he is basically “cleaning up the mess” that his predecessors left.

While the skit touches, in a hilarious way, on some of the major issues of the former presidencies (stripping banking regulations by Clinton and George W. Bush, pushing for taxes by George H.W. Bush) the more serious message came at the end of the skit, which encourages the viewer to visit MainStreetBrigade.com, an organization that is calling for financial reform.

Consumer Financial Protection Agency

One of the biggest messages of the video, (primarily voiced by Dan Aykroyd, playing President Carter), and one that is also being promoted by the Main Street Brigade, is a call for President Obama to pass the Consumer Financial Protection Act.

On the Main Street Brigade website, the group provides information about the CFPA and encourages visitors to contact their local representative and sign a petition in support of the Act that is to be sent to the Senate Banking Committee. While the website definitely takes a very strong position in support of he CFPA, it is interesting to see how the popularity of the “Presidential Reunion” video will affect consumers involvement with the act.

You can see the video here, or visit the Main Street Brigade website for more information.

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