Continuing their mission to strengthen their reputation among current and potentially new account members, Citibank launched a new site call back in February. The new site has been structured in a blog format and focuses on events and activities going on within the Citi culture.The blog also touches on subjects such as the new “opt-in” overdraft fees and even goes as far to reference the New York Times. All in all, the new site is a promotional tool used to help the bank be more transparent and have a location where they can address issues or deal with any PR scandals that may arise.

Citi Blog

The site even has a message from their CEO, Valkram Pandit, that reads:

“Welcome to, a new way for us to share ideas and create dialogue on all sorts of topics ranging from the global economy to personal finance, from microfinance to mobile technology. Being in more than 100 countries means we have a range of perspectives, and we hope this site will encourage lots of discussion, ideas and debate”

If you are a Citi member or just want to know more about what Citi is up to, we recommend taking a time to check out the site. Updates are pretty frequent, usually around two new posts a week.

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    Being a shareholder of citigroup for about a year now and having hoped that the US government would manage to turn the housing market around in late 2008 I am worried now……why am I worried…very simple…I have a feeling that the reason why the citigroup share price is driven to the ground is not because of retail flows but because of superfunds in wallstreet with a hiden agenda.The unexpected losses from citigroup and bac (MER) were very much expected by the wallstreet guru on bank stocks Meridith… what does she know that all we commoners dont?

    well my theory is the following: Citigroup holding and citicorp…Let the fed take control of the bad bank and let the lovely fat cow citicorp be absorbed by the starving wolves of wallstreet called Goldman Sachs…..Pure speculation on my side but in the light of what we have seen lately it wouldnt be surprising. Ofcourse the mutli billion question would be : WHAT HAPPENS TO CURRENT SHAREHOLDERS? SURELY MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES ARE TOXIC BUT THATS BECAUSE THE LUBRICANT OF THE ECONOMY IS ABSENT NOT BECAUSE OF THE INSTRUMENTS AS SUCH……NO PETROL NO RACE CAR FAN….NO CASH NO ECONOMY