The one-month short term extension of unemployment benefits provided to the jobless was once again shot down last week by Republican Senator Tom Coburn. The Senator believes the increasing national debt is a prominent reason that an extension shouldn’t be passed as he states, “What we are doing is stealing future opportunity from our children”. This news comes as an upset to the unemployed who will see their benefits expire on April 5th, while Congress is enjoying a two-week vacation.

The Debate Over Funding Continues

Senator Tom Coburn and other Senate Republicans are making a stand to maintain fiscal responsibility despite the historical practice of providing emergency unemployment benefits at the expense of enlarging the current national debt of $12.7 trillion.

On the other hand, Democrats say the recent economic conditions means unemployment benefits are necessary to recovery. They believe that using tax revenue and budget cuts to finance the extension would lessen the stimulative influence on the economy.

Senators came to an agreement that was rejected by House Democrats. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that it was rejected because there just wasn’t enough money to finance the extension.

In the Meantime, The Jobless Struggle

With lawmakers off until April 12th, many of the jobless will be in a struggle to pay their mortgage, rent, utilities and food while waiting for the Senate to return. The unemployed can be somewhat relieved to know that the House and the Senate would be negotiating for a year-long extension.

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  • Carlson

    Another irresponsible political move by the Republicans, who think nothing of screwing up people's lives to try to bring down the Democratic administration. Want to see a national disaster? Watch long-term unemployed people all applying for welfare, food stamps, medicaid. Watch them head for emergency rooms for treatment of all ills with absolutely no way to pay. Watch them lose their homes, adding to the glut of foreclosed homes on bank inventory sheets. These rich, power-mad fools have never experienced what we, the people, are going through, and have absolutely no conscience.

  • gilmoresinc

    I actually think it's a great idea. These people without jobs, could be using there time wisely and A) Look for a job, or B) Create a job themselves. I picked option B) and actaully created 10 jobs. So….To say that it's irresponsible for the Replublicans to hold this up is hypocracy, seeing as how THIS administration ran on the sayings of “fiscal responsibility”.

  • STA

    You make it sound so easty gilmoresinc. “Today I am going to start a business…” HMMM

  • David

    Your a jackass. I won't even waste my time with a response that explains how flawed your logic is. Your just a jackass

  • Valerie

    WTH?? We will not have to worry about ANY futures for our children if they STARVE to death you moron!!! Pass this bill and stop screwing around or find me a JOB!!!!

  • Valerie

    Pass the bill and STOP torturing our children!! There will be no future you moron if they starve!! Now we need this bill to pass and we need you to knock it off!

  • Valerie

    Your also a moron! If your sooooo busy with ALL your jobs why do you have time to b a JACKASS?!?!?!?

  • gilmoresincisaretard

    You are an idiot. By that comment, I can tell you live in your mothers basement and live a lonely, pathetic , poor life. You have nothing better to do with your pathetic life, then to upset people with your comments that are barely getting by with their families.

  • Jared

    are you okay? Im seriously concerned……i think you may be retarded………you should get checked.

  • Clint

    your a total moron gilmore!! How can you say the millions! of people on unemployment are all lazy. im curious though were you on unemployment? How did you create 10 jobs?

  • jared

    sorry tht WAS NOT MENT FOR YOU it was for gilmoresinc, your sane, gilmoresinc is the one who is stupid

  • Jared

    are you okay? Im seriously concerned……i think you may be retarded………you should get checked.

  • Fed Up

    American People – Next election stand up and be heard – FIRE THEM ALL – EVERY last congressman – no matter the party – How many years have you paid taxes? 30? 40? Your government bails out bankers and Wallstreet execs using your tax dollars – but unemployment is allowed to expire? Congress wasn’t worried about the defecit when AIG execs were giving themselves bonuses with taxpayer money! And how utterly irresponsible is it of your congressmen to play these partisan delaying games and then go on vacation when without bothering to address how you will put food on your table? Next election – let Congress feel the sting of the unemployment lines!!!

  • jackofhearts

    The end is near, Thank those who play god…

  • Jim

    Learn how to actually pay for something before you get voted out in November? I don't buy anything unless I have the money in the bank. I borrow nothing from these money grubbing, greedy Richards we call bankers!! I also just stopped laughing from 2 weeks ago when I read Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are all the sudden concerned about about financial reform and regulations!! Cracks me up!!!

  • Gwendylyn Thompson

    Oh and using our tax dollars to kill innocent civilians is so smart! You are an imbecile!

  • Gwendylyn Thompson

    Oh and using our tax dollars to kill innocent civilians is so smart! You are an imbecile!