As part of our How To series, this is the first segment of How To Survive Unemployment, where we will walk you through steps and tips to keep your finances and life on track during a difficult period.

So you lost your job – you are not alone. An estimated 10% of Americans are unemployed and many of them have been unemployed and searching for work anywhere from three months to more than one year. During these brutal economic times, it is easy to lose hope, but we’ve put together the essentials to help you keep your sprits up, your finances in order and get on track to your next amazing career move.
Staying Organized and Getting the Word Out

First things first, keep your head on straight. The best way to do this is to keep a job search schedule, making sure you wake up and get dressed with a list of things to do each day to keep things moving forward. Activate your network! This is a really important step to getting a job; in fact, it is how most people end up finding one. Definitely more so than by applying to jobs on the internet. In the immediate aftermath, you may also want to consider volunteering. Doing work you care about is a great way to stay motivated, while helping others.

Health Insurance is a Very Smart Financial Choice

Make sure you keep your health insurance coverage. The unforeseen medical incident can cause serious financial turmoil. Most companies offer COBRA extension of health services for a period, so if this is available, find out how long it will last. If you don’t have insurance, research low cost or free medical services in your neighborhood, so you have the information on hand when you need it. If you have a doctor you prefer, ask about sliding scale fees.

Check back in for Part II of How to Survive Unemployment, where we’ll talk about how to budget and keep personal finances in order and make sure to check on for the latest news on unemployment.

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