Graduating college can be both an exciting and frightening experience.  You’ve accomplished a lot in the past four years, and have reached a huge milestone in your life.  However, the real world can be a tough wake-up call, especially in this economic climate.

Remember how overwhelmed you were the first time you went to class and sat in a big lecture hall with 200 students, some of which were upperclassmen who had 2 or more years of experience than you?  Now multiply the class size by a million, and the years of experience by 10 or 20, and that will give you some idea about the competition you face coming out of college.

But don’t worry, because by being prepared and knowing the challenge ahead, you can make sure that you aren’t caught by surprise once graduation day comes. To help you put your best foot forward after graduation, has complied a list of some simple steps you can take to impress employers and get your name out there.

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    If there is a way to have the trust pulled from this bank, find a more cooperative bank (shouldn’t be hard) and take the account there. Once you’re sure these alleged people can’t assess you any more fees, write a VERY POLITE letter to the CEO and chairman of WF, detailing why you pulled the money and naming the alleged people responsible.