is working hard to help you save money while having fun on a well-deserved vacation. While there are some more obvious ways to save on vacations, like booking ahead and being flexible about your travel dates and times, there are some things that can save you loads that you may not always have at top of mind.

Here are some good tips for travel:

Travel light: One area where airlines have looked to make additional revenue is charging $15 and up for checked bags. Depending on your destination, shipping heavy or bulky items may be cheaper.

Comparison websites vs. Airline websites: Check comparison sites like Kayak and Expedia, but also check directly on the airline website. They often have prices that are not published on shopping sites and they don’t charge transaction fees, which can range from $5 to $12.

Car rental: If you are using your credit card to rent a car, check if they offer rental insurance before paying the extra $30 – many credit cards do.

Hotels: Bargain! Now more than ever it is acceptable to do so, within reason of course, so give a few hotels a call and see what comes out of it.

Once you have decided on your destination, contact the local tourism bureau to see if they offer coupons and discounts.

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