American Express has announced the launch of its new mobile banking suite, which will allow cardholders to access their accounts from their Blackberry, Windows Mobile Phone, iPhone or iPod Touch.

American Express iPhone App

Free AmEx iPhone App

The official American Express iPhone App, available for the iPhone or iPod Touch, allows you to pay your bill, check your balances, and access other card services all fro your mobile phone. With the app, which is available for free on the iTunes Store, you can see recent transactions, view membership rewards, and log into your regular American Express online account.

Shortcut to AmEx Account

Another mobile capability that AmEx is offering is a mobile desktop shortcut to your Online American Express account. To download the shortcut, all you have to do is go to your American Express Online account, and download the shortcut link to open step by step instructions to install the icon on your Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone.

For the iPhone or iPod Touch, all you need to do is bookmark the page in your browser.

Mobile Site and SMS Banking

In addition to these new features, American Express has also developed a mobile-ready website so you can access American Express Online from your phone’s browser. The site is designed specifically for mobile phones, with the most commonly used account services provided. AmEx also offers text banking, for the fastest responses to customer service inquiries about your account.

To try the new mobile site or learn more about the American Express Mobile features, visit the promotional webpage.

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  • highinterest

    I’m not defending the bank in any way, but a lot of the problems you encountered were due to how these alleged people were raised, not how they’ve been trained. It’s a pity, but any company that has employees dealing with the public now needs to add “how to behave when dealing with an adult” to their training.

  • Luis_R

    I love the APP because it is very convenient. However, I have one problem, Amex sends me a text after each charge is posted to my account. currently that causes my iPhone 5S to reboot due to an error. I can not find any web info on how to correct this problem. Can you forward me a link to a site where they can solve this problem?

  • Chris

    No App for Windows?! I’ll simply switch my american to another one…..