How do you know which stock to invest in or which financial product to choose? With a seemingly endless supply of stocks, bonds and other assets out there, how do you pick just one or two?, which opened to the public earlier this month, might be a site that makes investing easier for you.

How Sentigo Works

The site’s technology searches the Internet to find publicly available articles and opinions about stocks and then uses text analysis and proprietary algorithms to come up with summary scores to gauge how the online community as a whole feels about different stocks.

Sentigo provides three daily, weekly and monthly sentiment scores for the overall U.S. market and for each particular stock and sector. One score summarizes the news articles it finds online, another summarizes the expert opinions it finds online and a third summarizes information from social media sites. Scores range from A to F, with A being “very positive,” B being “positive,” C being “neutral,” D being “negative,” etc.

Steven Rosenberg, vice president of business affairs and strategy for Sentigo, said the site is in the process of making its content available as a widget to be included on other sites.

Other Options

Sentigo isn’t alone in its efforts to aggregate and synthesize stock sentiments., for example, also provides investors with an overall score of media opinion regarding stocks and indexes.

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