Not content to download only your own bank’s iPhone application? AT&T could have an app for you. The wireless service provider has entered the mobile banking market with a series of apps that work with a number of smart phones and banks.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

The strongest point of Mobile Banking on AT&T is the fact that it is compatible across many different smart phone platforms. Many banks — even the ones with the widest networks of branches and services — only offer their individual apps on the most popular varieties of smart phone. AT&T, which offers phone service on a number of different devices, provides its Mobile Banking on AT&T service to users of quite a few different phones: 44, to be exact. You can use the app on phones as advanced as the iPhone or as basic as the Samsung Rugby.

Diverse Banking Options, Features

The AT&T app doesn’t come attached to one bank in particular. Instead, you can choose your bank from a list of thousands of banks, credit unions and credit card companies. Some of the major banks supported by Mobile Banking on AT&T include US Bank, Arvest, USAA and Suntrust.

If your bank is included in AT&T’s coverage, you can do the following things with the app:

• Check the balances on multiple accounts

• Transfer funds from account to account

• View and pay your bills remotely

• Check up on your transaction history to stay current

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