FNBO Direct released a new feature that allows cardholders to loan customized coupons onto their credit, check or debit cards. You can find the deals online and click them to load them onto your card. When you shop at one of the discounted locations, just use the card and you’ll receive credits to your account.

The new service, called MyDeals, is available to FNBO debit or credit cardholders. If you’re a FNBO customer, all you need to do is sign up for and log onto FNBO online banking to gain access to the coupons.

Coupons Go Paperless

Almost every aspect of banking and personal finance has gone online or become paperless, and coupons are no exception. Sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial give you the ability to redeem coupons digitally, no scissors necessary. But those sites only allow for one coupon purchase per day in each city, limiting the kinds of products you can save money on.

FNBO’s MyDeals program offers a better alternative because the coupons it generates aren’t random, they’re based on your previous shopping habits. FNBO uses the history of purchases recorded on your credit or debit card to design coupons that fit your spending style. The more coupons you redeem, the more you become eligible for. If you aren’t interested in a particular deal, just don’t add it to your card and it will expire over time. The main pro of FNBO’s new offering is that it comes as a free perk of having an account. The downside of MyDeals is that you need to bank with FNBO to participate.

Retailers do not gain access to your shopping information or personal details when you use the program.

FNBO Accounts

You can use MyDeals with several different FNBO accounts:

  • You can sign up for the FNBO Online BillPay Account, which is a high-yield (1.10%) checking account that uses Popmoney online transfers for deposits and comes with a FNBO Direct Visa Check Card.

  • If you want to open a credit card and use MyDeals, the ExtraEarnings Visa Card from FNBO is a good place to start. With the ExtraEarnings card you receive two points for every $1 in qualifying purchases for your first year and one point for every $1 afterward.

Click here for official information on the FNBO MyDeals program.

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