President Barack Obama held a news conference Friday, saying, “progress has been painfully slow” in regards to our economic recovery, according to The Associated Press. The President also mentioned that he knows when November elections come around many voters may blame him for the slow economic recovery.

President Lays Out Economic Plans

Obama basically reiterated the sentiments of many Americans when it comes to the topic of the economy. Obama said the lack of Republican support for his reform ideas is an obstacle in the effort to improve the state of our nation. He spoke specifically about extending the Bush tax cuts to individuals earning below $200,000 a year before they are set to expire at the end of the year. Some Democrats sought to find a compromise on the issue by extending all the tax cuts that are about to expire for a year or two. Obama thought this was “a bad idea” and did not want to even talk about such a deal.

Obama continued to blame Republicans for the lethargic pace of the recovery, saying that conservatives were opposed to high-dollar proposals that his administration wanted to put in place to boost the recovery. The summer has been packed with bad news about the economy and the President addressed the revival effort saying that although it has worked, “it just hasn’t done as much as we needed to do.” The political struggles of Obama’s administration have put a rift between some Democrats.

As many Democrats are campaigning for mid-term elections, they are distancing themselves from Obama’s unpopular health care reform act. Some going even further and openly criticizing the President’s efforts to overhaul health care.  It did not seem to phase Obama, as he stated that it was all politics, and Democrats as well as Republicans were going to “make the best argument they can right now.”

Obama announced a stimulus package for roads and railways in hopes to generate jobs for Americans and hopefully decrease the high unemployment rate.

A Variety of Topics

Obama spoke to reporters for nearly an hour and 20 minutes, talking about the economy and also about 9/11 and how our nation must continue to stand by our traditions of religious tolerance. He mentioned the controversy regarding Reverend Terry Jones of a small fundamentalist church in Florida threatening to burn the Quran on Saturday saying he hopes that Jones “prays on it and refrains from doing it.”

Here’s a video of Obama’s remarks:

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