If you have dreams of becoming a billionaire, you might want to pick up a job application at Wal-Mart. Four of the ten richest individuals in America earned their fortunes from the Wal-Mart franchise, according to Forbes.

Forbes released The Forbes 400 this week, highlighting the 400 wealthiest individuals in the U.S. Here is a summary of The Forbes 400:

Bill Gates$54 BillionMicrosoft1
Warren Buffett$45 BillionBerkshire Hathaway2
Larry Ellison$27 BillionOracle3
Christy Walton$24 BillionWal-Mart4
Charles Koch$21.5 BillionManufacturing, energy5
David Koch$21.5 BillionManufacturing, energy6
Jim Walton$20.1 BillionWal-Mart7
Alice Walton$20 BillionWal-Mart8
S. Robson Walton$19.7 BillionWal-Mart9
Michael Bloomberg$18 BillionBloomberg10

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Bill Gates$54 BillionMicrosoft1290Dustin Mostkovitz26$1.4 BillionFacebook
Warren Buffett$45 BillionBerkshire Hathaway235Mark Zuckerberg26$6.9 BillionFacebook
Larry Ellison$27 BillionOracle3101Scott Duncan27$3.1 BillionPipelines
Christy Walton$24 BillionWal-Mart4356Eduardo Saverin28$1.15 BillionFacebook
Charles Koch$21.5 BillionManufacturing, energy5153David Rockefeller95$2.4 BillionStandard Oil, banking
David Koch$21.5 BillionManufacturing, energy6217Albert Ueltschi93$1.85 BillionFlightSafety
Jim Walton$20.1 BillionWal-Mart7153John Anderson93$2.4 BillionInvestments
Alice Walton$20 BillionWal-Mart8119Kirk Kerkorian93$2.9 BillionInvestments, casino
S. Robson Walton$19.7 BillionWal-Mart9
Michael Bloomberg$18 BillionBloomberg10

5 States with the Most Billionaires

Thirty-nine states were represented on The Forbes 400. Of the 39, these five states Trumped — pun intended — the competition when it came to being home to the richest of the rich:

1. California: California is home to 84 individuals on The Forbes 400 list with Los Angeles and San Francisco being the two most popular cities for billionaires to live in.

2. New York: The Big Apple is known for not only being the cultural center of the U.S. but also for being a financial powerhouse. It is no surprise that it takes number two on the list with 65 billionaires calling the city that never sleeps their home. New York is also home to Jay-Z, the famous rapper who sat down with Warren Buffett to discuss the keys to success.

3. Texas: At the end of 2008 Texas had the second highest gross state product of $1.224 trillion. It also holds the most Fortune 500 company headquarters in the U.S. It’s no wonder it attracts big earners. Forty-five of this year’s Forbes List-ers reside in Texas.

4. Florida: Florida is not only full of retired seniors and spring break seniors: It boasts 26 of The Forbes 4oo’s billionaires. With the nice weather and beautiful beaches, we understand why the rich don’t mind heading south with their earnings.

5. Connecticut: This Northeastern state is known for its seafood and wealth. It follows Florida closely with 21 billionaires residing within state lines. Many of its billionaires found success through hedge funds and investments.

The amount of money these individuals have is almost impossible to imagine. Many received their wealth from hedge funds, investments and family owned businesses. Unless you have a rich uncle or a keen eye for investments, you may find it more difficult to crack The Forbes 400.

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  • Big names with great accomplishments. being the best among their chosen fields create their billions of money. They are truly inspirations of financial wealth, prestige and power at the same time.

  • Som

    They need to give me two hundred thousand and I’ll be set for life.

  • Janice

    It’s beyond a shame that some have so very, very much and others have so very, very little. Why are there starving children in this country or anywhere in this world????????

    • Loredana

      you are obsoletely right.So much money to very few .What have these billionaire done to earn so much.