PNC Bank on Friday became the fourth major bank to stop mortgage foreclosures in 23 states, according to The Associated Press.

The precautionary step from the Pittsburgh, Pa.-based bank is the fourth in a row of major banks announcing temporary halts to mortgage foreclosures. Chase, Bank of America® and GMAC Ally have all stopped home seizures in the same 23 states in the past two weeks. The 23 states affected are those with foreclosure systems overseen by the courts. Bank of America® went one step further on Friday, postponing foreclosures in all 50 U.S. states.

Improper Procedures

The banks are halting their foreclosures amid reports of improper foreclosure processing. The institutions may have employed “robo-signers,” or employees that signed off on thousands of mortgage foreclosures each month without fully reviewing pertinent documents. Laws in the affected states say banks must read over all the foreclosure documents before going through with the seizure. The banks may have been in violation of state laws, so they are putting foreclosures on hold rather than breaking laws any further.

The mortgage meltdown and the consequent boom in foreclosures put pressure on banks to move as many home seizures as possible through their systems as quickly as possible. Here’s a wrap-up of the national backlash against the banks.

Here’s a list of the 23 states impacted by PNC’s decision:

  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
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  • Daggybee

    I tried to get into the Affordable Homes Federal program for loan modification. PNC gave me such a hard time, made everything as difficult as possible. No one had any idea what the status of my application was. I now wish I had stopped making payments a year ago. Instead, I have stopped a few months ago, and I’m so glad that me and my dogs will have our house for a little longer now. The way the banks handled this federally subsidized loan modification program, was so poorly handled that it goes to show that big business will never “do the right thing” by incentives. They have to be forced into it by laws, otherwise they will just take the subsidies from the government, funded by the US taxpayers, and turn around and not do the right thing.

  • ruined by PNC

    What about California loans! I have had the worst experience with PNC Mortgage and Making Home Loans Affordable program. I was never late on my payments they I got into the trial programs; I still paid the trial programs and was never contacted on my status. They did not get my federal loan and had to pay an additional 4,000 on back pay because I didn’t qualify for the federal loan. PNC tried me for another loan. I contacted them every week to make sure my paperwork was being worked on and all I got was a call center that only gave me information they would be reading on a script. A YEAR later they denied my loan because PNC because I am on unemployment which they knew this from the beginning and now my house is in foreclosure. Talking to PNC representatives was a joke! They didn’t know anything and didn’t care about the person’s life they were ruining on the other end of the phone.

    • Docwalden

      I certainly know how you feel. PNC did the EXACT same thing to my mom. She was laid off and fell behind on her mortgage. I faxed in & sent paperwork next-day air with signature requests and they still said they hadn’t received it!! This whole mess could have been avoided if the government had taken care of middle america FIRST!!! We are the ones who keep the ball rolling anyway. Until they take care of the average everyday american nothing is going to get resolved. Shame on America!!!

  • Maigan

    You might know PNC excluded the corrupt Texas!

  • Rushforce10

    I could heat my house with the MOUNTAIN OF PAPERWORK that has been faxed off to their fucking broom never work with the same person 2 times is a tip off to me that they have no intent on loan modification. I never missed a payment in 13 years never late 1 time I got sick HEY ALL YOU OUT THERE THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU !!!!!

    • sis j

      did they foreclose on you for missing one payment

      • Jen

        Yes they told me they wouldn’t except partial payment and it was the first time in 12 years I was ever going to be late because of an illness. They wouldn’t let me make the rest of the payment up the next month with my full house payment. I moved out and 3 years later my house is still empty and not foreclosed on. I had to file banktuptcy because of them and the house is still in my name not the banks. My credit score was 797 and now it is horrible because of PNC. They also kept miscalculating my escrow and raising my payments every year because of their mistakes and my house payment went up over $400 the last 3 years that I lived there because of them and I had a fixed rate on the mortgage.

      • Anonymous

        My husband and I were going to split up. So I called the PNC to see how I go about getting him off my loan. They told me I would qualify for refinancing all on my own which would lower my house payment by almost $200 a month. 3 weeks before we were going to close they came back and told me I needed to replace my roof first. I told them will were in the middle of winter here and I can’t get it done until the snow clears. They said no problem just let us know when it is done. Long story short they lied and it never happened. He moved out 4 months later leaving me with everything. I became behind two months and then they started sending my payments back. Next thing you know they want to foreclose. I got help through a program that I qualified for becasue I had a hardship. They had the money and PNC turned it down. So now here we are. There was only one certified letter, they didn’t want to talk to me. I thought it all went way too fast. So now I’m still in my house and they told me I could do a short sale, now I know why they want me to do that.

  • Butler2024

    I have a loan through them as well and I was out on bedrest to due being pregnant with twins. There was one month that I knew I couldnt make my payment by the first of the month so I called to get help. They told me that there was nothing they could do unless I was 3 months behind. So now since that one payment could be paid on the first of each month and I do not have the funds to make 2 payments in one month I get late fees after late fees and they will not help me. I call every month and they tell me every month I have to be atleast 3 months behind so guess what I have 2 more months to go. This mortgage co. SUCKS!!!!

    • sis j

      i agree

  • Nojburn1960

    Funny all state the same on PNC mortgage. They are the worst of the worst!!! Three times send a hardship letter do to living on a fixed income being disabled. Even though I meet all requirement for modifcation, turned down every time. As many state never the same people working with you sending threating letters including forclosure letters for being late one or two payments. Even now returning my mortgage payments.

    Thank our wonderful” Gov” for bailing them and others out with your tax dollars!!!!


  • DS