Thanksgiving is a considered a Bank Holiday, making it nearly impossible to find a branch open this Thursday, November 25.

If you need to do some last minute banking your best option is to explore your online banking options. Most banks offer these online services:

  • You can transfer funds and set up one-time transfer or recurring transfers among your accounts and most others.
  • Check your current balance on multiple accounts.
  • Review available transactions for your linked accounts.
  • You can usually re-order checks, order copies of paid checks, request copies of monthly checking or saving statements, stop payment on checks, change address and phone numbers if needed, and change your Online ID and Online passcode.
  • You can also typically get a hold of a customer service representative through messaging services.

Even though Thanksgiving is a bank holiday there were instances of banks providing special hours before. double checked with eight major banks and found that although they will not be operating on Thanksgiving Day, they will maintain regular hours on Wednesday and Friday.

Bank Name
PNC Bank
TD Bank
Bank of America
US Bank
Capital One
Wells Fargo
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