The WikiLeaks website has turned into a bully to the bullies as the it attempts to reveal corruption. Using anonymous data from disgruntled employees, security breaches and whatever other methods that can bring tangible evidence, the website’s founder has now gone after a new victim.

wikileaks founder Julian AssangeJulian Assange is not a stranger to controversy. As the man behind WikiLeaks Assange has pushed journalistic boundaries and lead many to question industry ethics in terms of public and private information. The man who has broken stories on many sensitive governmental documents is at it again, only this time he is after the banking industry.

Rumors Circulating Bank of America® was able to track down Assange for an interview about future reports from the website. Although he did not list specifics, he did mention that the site obtained five gigabytes of unpublished data that would make a bank the center of his next “megaleak”. A reader brought attention to the fact that Assange had mentioned the Bank of America® specifically in a 2009 interview with Computer World.

He stated, “At the moment, for example, we are sitting on 5GB from Bank of America®, one of the executive’s hard drives.” Assange continued to say that it was his goal to make the information as accessible as possible for consumers to “get something out of it”. After the Forbes interview, Bank of America® stock took a brief 3% dip as investors grew nervous about the implications of the upcoming leak. This  demonstrates the power hearsay has on the market.

Bank of America® Responds

In an interview with the New York Times Deal Book blog, Scott Silvestri a spokesperson for the bank stated, “More than a year ago WikiLeaks claimed to have the computer hard drive of a Bank of America® executive. Aside from the claims themselves we have no evidence that supports this assertion. We are unaware of any new claims by WikiLeaks that pertain specifically to Bank of America®.”

At this point everything is still speculation as the documents have not been officially released. Bank executives, consumers and reporter will have to continue waiting at the edge of their seats for the rumored “megaleak”.

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  • Lgolusin

    The news isn’t a wikileak about Bank of America. The news is that their small business website has had problems for three weeks and has been inaccessible for the past 24 hours. Hello Wells Fargo.

  • Bank of America benefited from other programs intended to address the financial crisis; it received $15 billion in TARP money through the Department of Treasury’s bailout efforts, which it paid back in full in 2009.