You may have tried to log-in to your MasterCard account online today, only to find the site down.  It seems supporters of WikiLeaks have decided to retaliate by performing a DOS Attack and eventually causing to go down.

Earlier this week, MasterCard made the decision to deny supporters the ability to use their card to donate to the site. The big debate is whether or not WikiLeaks is just in their steadfast dedication to unveiling sensitive information such as copies of the State Department diplomatic cables. MasterCard’s decision caused the Operation Payback group, 4Chan and other supporters to hack and interrupt access to the MasterCard website around 5 a.m. this morning – according to BBC.

Mastercard down

The hack preformed was in the form of a DDOS attack, also known as denial of service.  No comments have been released from MasterCard, but sources such as the highlight that no indications have been made that show this hack would impact day-to-day financial transactions.

There is speculation that other properties such and PayPal are next on the list to be hacked. We want to know your opinion: Do you think it’s fair that these sites are being attacked?

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  • Hey

    Well Assange is in jail over false charges (again), and he’s currently being attacked by every government in the world for releasing some cables.

    And don’t deny it, those classified cables were harmless, the media has overrated the consequences extremely.

  • Joe Public

    Completely fair.