From Mortgages to Credit Cards, in a continued effort to bring the most to users, Google has now added a new feature that will help consumers to compare multiple banking products.

If you preformed a search for CD rates or Savings rates you will begin to notice an option to compare financial products from Google. In less than a month since Google added Credit Cards, it seems the decision was made to expand their comparison offerings to deposit accounts.

The tool works very similar to comparison tools you would find on other sites., has been offering similar tools for the past few years, covering credit cards, savings accounts, checking accounts, money markets and CD Rates, while providing consumers with a platform to exchange ideas and learn what others are saying about their banks. A quick review found that at this time most of the products listed were online banks, such as Ally and Discover Bank.

Raw Data vs. Well-Rounded Analysis: Users Decide

The last time we covered Google’s decision to expand into credit card comparison tools, we highlighted their abundance of raw data, but lack of analysis and perspective.

Deposit accounts seem to have a different presence with Google, and so independent sites that offer full-fledged product lists and descriptions along with news and analysis of the credit card industry could be more beneficial to consumers. Google is continuously searching for ways to optimize their search abilities, advertising and tools. This push for comparison features is definitely not the last we’ll hear of Google’s comparison capabilities.

How do you feel about Google expanding their comparison tools to include Savings, CDs and Checking accounts?

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