Walmart, the store that seems to have everything your home would ever need, launches its partnership with Jackson Hewitt to extend the retail giant’s horizon by offering tax preparation services that start from $38 per return.

Walmart has always been the go-to store for customers who are chasing an unbeatable bargain. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is a New Jersey-based company that offers full service federal and state income tax preparation services throughout the United States.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Available at Walmart

As tax season starts, Walmart and Jackson Hewitt are cooperating to provide much needed tax preparation services to a large consumer base at a popular shopping destination. The IRS has begun accepting e-filed 2010 tax returns so Jackson Hewitt tax services will be offered at over 2,000 Walmart locations throughout the United States.

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At Walmart, Jackson Hewitt touts these offers:

  • Free accuracy guarantee
  • Quality tax preparation
  • Free refund and tax fee estimate
  • Free audit assistance
  • Free W-2 download service
  • Drop-off service

The cheapest tax preparation fee of $38 applies to those who file Federal Form 1040EZ with up to two W-2s and Schedule M only. For more complex tax returns or financial services and products, additional fees will apply.

The Jackson Hewitt tax preparation services at Walmart is dedicated towards electronic filing of tax returns. E-filing has been a growing trend as the IRS receives tax returns earlier so tax refunds are also sent out sooner. Also, there is a reduced chance of mistakes and electronic software can identify discrepancies more easily.

For more information about the Jackson Hewitt tax preparation services at Walmart and to find participating locations, click here.

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  • Vicki

    how do you find out if there doing it n your town Elko Nev

  • Joe

    (The cheapest tax preparation fee of $38 applies to those who file Federal Form 1040EZ with up to two W-2s and Schedule M only.)

    I’m wondering how old this page is. I was planning on having my taxes filed 2011 and the fees were $387 from Jackson Hewitt and that was the cheapest in my area.

    • Simon

      The partnership between Jackson Hewitt and Walmart started this year. The cheapest tax preparation fee applies to a rather simple tax return.

      If a local Jackson Hewitt office charged you $387 for tax preparation services, then your tax situation may have been more complicated to warrant the higher fees.

  • Michaelmack5

    I had my taxes prepared by Jackson Hewitt and I have never been so upset over preparation fees in my whole life. My taxes are very simple, and yet my bill was over $ 200. This is outragous. If Wal-Mart lets Jackson Hewitt remain in there stores, they are hurting anyone who walks thru those doors.

  • Deatt

    I have the tax return done by the CPA (Sonny & Company, CPA at less than $200.00 which including W-2, 1099, itemized deduction, mortage….Jacson Hewitt charged me $325. I feel comfortable when I have the CPA do tax return.