Hotel rates are reliable indicators of the popularity of a particular vacation destination. The strong snow storms that have blanketed North America in the past month have played a role in hindering tourism and vacationing in some areas while boosting them in others.

A leading discount travel site,, released its monthly report announcing the top five cities in North America where hotel rates witnessed the highest price reductions and the five cities in North America where hotel rates increased the most.

In cities lacking adequate travelers, hotels have dropped their rates in order to attract travel planners towards these destinations. This year’s holiday season brought along heavy snow storms that influenced plans of many winter travelers and, therefore, also affected hotel rates.

Top 5 Cities With Highest Price Drops

Hotel MarketPrice Change
Flagstaff, Arizona- 12%
Key West, Florida- 11%
Albuquerque, New Mexico- 8%
Reno, Nevada- 6%
Salt Lake City, Utah- 6%

The top five cities with price cuts include Flagstaff, Arizona and Key West, Florida. Flagstaff, a city within proximity of many attractions such as the Grand Canyon National Park, has always suffered from slower vacation traffic. The bad winter weather contributed to even less tourism. With snow also a major factor for price reductions, Key West had to compete with another popular sunny city 130 miles away – Miami.

Top 5 Cities With Highest Price Increases

Hotel MarketPrice ChangeHotel MarketPrice Change
Flagstaff, Arizona- 12%Honolulu, Hawaii+ 20%
Key West, Florida- 11%Miami, Florida+ 18%
Albuquerque, New Mexico- 8%Providence, Rhode Island+ 17%
Reno, Nevada- 6%Montreal, Quebec (Canada)+ 17%
Salt Lake City, Utah- 6%Toronto, Ontario (Canada)+ 16%

The two hotel markets experiencing the highest prices increases are Honolulu, Hawaii and Miami, Florida. Many travelers are sought an escape from the chilly climates and hit the warm beaches of Honolulu and Miami.

Hawaii’s hotel rate increases can be attributed to various air travel promotions that spurred leisure travel to the Pacific islands. For example, there is currently a sunny getaway promotion from Expedia that is still encouraging travel to warmer climates.

While plane tickets may have been at a great discount, travelers had to fork over more money as hotel rooms began filling up. The holiday season is considered the peak time for vacationers to visit Miami and hotels had to also accommodate businessmen who traveled to the city for conventions. A multitude of other attractions and events were taking place such as Art Deco Weekend and the Orange Bowl that contributed to the high prices.

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