If you are in need of some money saving tips, your best bet may be to consult your friends down in Georgia. According to a survey released by Coupon.com, when it comes to stretching the value of a dollar, consumers in the city of Atlanta rank number one.

The Southeastern city was ranked number one most frugal city in the United States for the second year in a row according to a savings index the website compiled in the survey. Atlanta has a savings index of 997 according to Coupon.com, meaning its consumers are ten times more likely to print coupon savings than the average city inhabitant. In addition, the city’s consumers printed more than $1,000 in coupon savings from its website last year—almost double to $531 printed by the city’s consumers in 2009.

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Tampa, Fla. also came in second for the second year in a row, with its consumers printing some $863 in coupon savings in 2010. Cincinnati, St. Louis and and Minneapolis rounded out the top five. Here’s a sampling from the website’s list of most frugal U.S. cities:

CitySaving Index
Atlana, Ga997
Tampa, Fla.569
Cincinnati, Ohio.497
St. Louis, Mo.420
Minneapolis, MN329
Charlotte, N.C.303
Nashville, Tenn.291
Raleigh, N.C.235
Kansas City, Mo.233
Washington, D.C.207
Miami, Fla.202
Dallas, Texas.198
Oklahoma City, Okla.198
Boston, Mass.192
Denver, Colo.170
Seattle, Wash.153
Columbus, Ohio147
Wichita, Kan.146

Coupon.com’s survey also revealed that Ohio ranked the number most frugal state, while North Carolina closely followed.

Consumers Take Advantage of Mobile Coupons

The survey also ranked cities based on the use of mobile coupons by consumers. Again, both Atlanta and Tampa clinched the #1 and #2 spots, respectively. St. Louis ranked #3, bumping down Cincinnati one spot, while Oklahoma City moved up ten places to take the #5 place.

“More and more, people are taking advantage of coupons using mobile devices,” said the website’s household savings expert Jeanette Pavini in a statement. “People are not just clicking for coupons from their computer, they are accessing them on-the-go and even at the supermarket.”

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