The State of the Union may be the single most watched speech given by the President each year. Thanks to the White House LIVE, we can watch the State of the Union Address from out very own computers.

Set to take place around 9 p.m EST, buzz has been brewing about this year’s state of the union. For the first time in history, Democrats and Republicans will forego sitting on separate party sides and sit together in order to make a statement. Recently, partisan politics have fallen under the spotlight due to the Tucson tragedy. The shootings have caused many attendees to exchange tradition for symbolism and unity.

Watch the State of The Union Live

The guest list has made almost as many headlines as the topics on the agenda. One guest that has been highly talked about—Daniel Hernandez. Hernandez, the intern doctors say is the reason Gabrielle Giffords survived her brutal attack, will be celebrating his 21st birthday seated next the First Lady.

The address will also be attended by the team of Doctors that worked to keep Giffords alive, as well as the traditional attendees. One group rumored to potentially skip out on the address are the Supreme Court Justices. Some speculate it is due to controversy surrounding Obama’s admonishment over a financial decision during last year’s address.

But aside from who is and isn’t attending, there is the importance of the actual speech itself. This annual address is meant to report where we are and where we are going as a nation. Many economists are looking to see what the government has in store for improvement and progress.

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