For the third time since the holidays the north east has been struck by heavy snow that has forced most business to close up shop for the day.  Those looking to handle their daily or weekly banking needs should stay home or use online alternatives as most major bank branches are closed.

UPDATE: TD Bank notified us that they did open after the storm.  With a delay opening.  They also asked us to educate our readers that TD Bank never closes and will be open on President’s Day. MyBankTracker apologizes for any confusion caused by our announcement that TD Bank branches were closed.

After last nights storm that brought close to 20 inches of fresh snow, the MyBankTracker team ran a quick check this morning and found that major banks, including TD Bank and Bank of American will be closed for the day. Unlike past snow storms, banks branches have updated the online status and message systems to indicate their current status.   Bank of America has even updated their website and is currently indicating on their find a branch tool that branches in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut  would be opening closed.

The MyBankTracker team will check-in with the bank periodically to ensure these status have not changed.

If you are planning on making the trip to your local branch, we recommend calling a head of time.

Alternative Banking Options

For those who need to handle their banking needs first thing this morning, should consider online banking. Other operations are still in full effect as well, such as 24 hour phone customer service and online live chat. It may be hard to think about things like banking when a snowstorm hits, but it is always good to be prepared for situations such as this one. If you have a question or need to speak to someone at the bank, please consider these options as well.

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