Luxury, sleek and ergonomic—we’re not talking cars here. Nope, these three adjectives belong to the latest collaboration of Pininfarina and LEADER-CAM to introduce IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s first pair of designer scissors.

When Italian company, IT&LY HAIRFASHION set out to obtain the best scissors ever, they knew they had to invite some others to take on the challenge. Intro: Pinifarina, the world-famous designer with over 80 years of experience in luxury brands including Jacuzii, Snaidero and Ferrari. Pinifarina teamed up with leading Italian scissor manufacturer LEADER-CAM to bring the first Pininfarina Design Scissor for IT&LY HAIRFASHION.

About the Scissors

The actual scissor is 5 ½ inches and made out of the alloy. This is not just any old alloy, in fact as the press release states, it is the “finest alloy known to man”. Each shear costs approximately $850 U.S. dollars. If you are an aspiring salon extraordinaire willing to shell out a pretty penny for these scissors, you better make some friends at IT&LY.

Richard Zucckero, the President and CEO of IT&LY HAIRFASHION NA, Inc., stated, “IT&LY HAIRFASHION continues its proud history of providing the world with the finest in Italian performance and class with our introduction of the highly coveted and limited edition Pininfarina Italian Handmade Scissor. Only a limited amount of these shears featuring the IT&LY HAIRFASHION logo will be available to the IT&LY HAIRFASHION International Distribution partners from IT&LY HAIRFASHION, Milan.”

These exclusive shears will be distributed through IT&LY HAIRFASHION Advanced Education Hairstyling Academies that are based in Milan, Italy and Pittsburgh, PA.

Editors Note: The original title ideas for this story included, “Ferrari Designers Create Scissors that are a Cut Above the Rest” and “Pininfarina introduces the Sheerest of Shears”, but we decided that the puns were too horrendous to actually use in the headline. Due to writier-pun attachment issues they were still included in the Editors Note.

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