In Sunday night’s edition of “60 Minutes”, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reaffirmed the impending release of a catastrophically revealing document. This “Mega-leak” is said to be capable of bringing down one or two major banks. 

In his CBS interview with “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft, Assange expressed merriment that banks are “squirming” because they have no idea as to which banks would suffer as a result of the next major WikiLeaks document publication.

The identity of the big bank remains unknown but rumors of Bank of America® being the next WikiLeaks target circled the internet for a while. BofA spokesman Scott Silvestri stated that initially WikiLeaks claimed to be in possession of a computer hard drive of a high-ranking BofA executive, but there was absolutely no evidence in support of this. Assange did not confirm this information nor did he disclose any more details regarding the upcoming WikiLeaks publication.

Assange Likes That Banks Are Squirming

According to Assange, Bank of America® has formed a team of roughly 20 people preparing for the media disaster that is to follow the release of these documents. Other big banks are expected to be doing the same thing.

“It’s one of the reasons to not give away the identities of particular organizations because these organizations spend the time trying to prepare to spin the public after publication,” said Assange.

He acknowledges that leaving the large banks in the dark is a source of amusement.

The part of the “60 Minutes” interview regarding the upcoming WikiLeaks bank publication begins roughly two minutes before the end of the video below:

Kroft: Do you have a five gigabyte hard drive?

Assange: I won’t make any comment in relation to that upcoming publication.

Kroft: You’re certainly not denying it.

Assange: You know there’ll be a process of elimination if we denied some and omitted others.

Kroft: So it might not be Bank of America® and you’re just going to let them squirm until you get ready to –

Assange: I think it’s great to have all these banks squirming thinking maybe it’s them.

This particular WikiLeaks publication is expected to be released early this year.

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