If you’re a fan of receiving investment advice from two precocious infants, you can look forward to two new ads that E*Trade will roll out this Sunday for the Superbowl  featuring none other than the company’s signature talking babies.

Update: New E*Trade Baby Ads for Super Bowl 2011

For the fifth consecutive year, the online brokerage company’s affiliate, E*TRADE Securities LLC, will debut its Talking Baby Super Bowl advertisements during and immediately following Sunday’s big game. The company will also roll out a new social media campaign this month that will include real-time updates from the company mascot on social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook, and showcase a YouTube channel featuring the company’s most popular commercials and videos. The campaign will also feature E*Trade’s baby mail program, which allows viewers to send personalized talking baby messages to via telephone or email.

“We’re thrilled to be returning to the Super Bowl and are confident this will be our most memorable, most effective campaign yet,” said the company’s Chief Marketing Officer in a statement. “With estimates of 100 million-plus captivated viewers — including a high percentage of affluent investors — no other event offers better reach and scale for our brand than the Big Game.”

A study conducted by the company indicated that affluent Americans were more likely to watch the Superbowl than those from lower income brackets, and that nearly half of of viewers are equally or more interested in the commercials than the actual game. The study defined ‘affluent’ as “those with the highest level of income.”

E*Trade may want to lay off on the pop cultural references this time, as the company was sued for referencing actress Lindsay Lohan’s numerous indiscretions in its Superbowl ad last year when one of the featured babies referred to another, suspiciously named Lindsay, as a “milkaholic.” The actress filed a $100 million lawsuit that was eventually dropped over the ad. Check that commercial for yourself:

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