In an effort to keep our readers connected and updated with current events is providing the live streaming video courtesy of the White House Live. The President is scheduled to speak to the public at 3:00 PM EST.

As the whole world stopped to watch what was happening in Egypt many had questions of what this meant for the world, for Egypt and for the U.S. Some worried that the turmoil in Egypt may put the global economic recovery in danger.

So far, stocks have been advancing after Egyptian President Mubarak resigned, and consumer seem to be hopeful that the country will find an equilibrium once more. The U.S had already been in a position to aid Egypt, paying nearly $1.3 billion annually in U.S security and economic assistance according to the U.S Department of State. Along with his sentiments on the events that went on in Egypt over the past 18 days Obama is also expected to discuss a budgetary plan of action to help restructure Egypt and it’s government.

Obama Speaks Out on Egypt Live Streaming

What Happened in Egypt: An 18 Day Timeline

January 25: Egyptians begin protests against the government after taking a page out of Tunisia’s book. The small African state successfully unseated President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after 23 years. The Egyptian people feel that the government has mistreated them causing poverty and repression, they demand President Mubarak end his 30 year reign.

January 29: President Hosni Mubarak names a possible successor after three days of fighting, casualties and injuries. Some speculate that he is preparing to relinquish power, especially since he appoints Omar Suleiman as a vice president—the first in 30 years.

February 1: Mubarak promises he will not continue to run in the next election allowing for a new leader, after folding under pressure. The lack of an immediate action angers protesters even more.

February 4: The Obama administration gets involved in talks with Egyptian officials. It is said that they are looking for a way to get Mubarak to immediately resign.

February 10: Widespread rumors hit the media outlets stating that President Mubarak will be resigning in a public statement later in the day. When he does speak to the media, he announces that he is not planning on resigning, but transferring power to Suleiman.

February 11: Mubarak officially resigns and hands over all power to the military.

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