With tax season rapidly approaching, millions of Americans are searching online for info on tax credits, deductions and how and where to file. With the wealth of information on the web it may hard to weed through the legitimate sources from the non-experts.One company has recognized the large blogging community and has created a helpful tool to spread useful tax information to the masses. With the H&R Block Community Content Library bloggers can find specially designed articles ranging on topics from money-saving tax tips to avoiding an IRS audit.

H&R Block Makes Tax Tips Readily Available

The specialized library was created with bloggers in mind and is a source of accurate and up-to-date tax information, complete stories, and quotable content from H&R Block tax experts. Individuals who do not have a blog and are just looking to read up on information can utilize the site as well. The Library is fully searchable and content can be used freely and without pre-approval, providing certain guidelines are met.

With the free Community Content Library, bloggers can copy and paste any of the articles found straight onto their site. Whether quoting the whole article or just an excerpt,  users must copy attribution text into the blog post provided by H&R Block. This is a great way to bulk up your blog or website using relevant articles from an accredited source.

H&R Block also offers tax preparation software that includes features like importing old tax forms and assistance from a live agent should you ever be audited by the IRS. Check out some more popular options here: Comparing Tax Software: Online Guide.

How to Win a Free Copy of H&R Block’s At Home Tax Prep Software

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