Did you put on a few pounds this winter? Well, if you are looking for a raise you better drop the weight. The idea that attractiveness may impact paychecks is old news, but did you know by how much your income can be affected?

Models, actors and Hooters waitresses, are not the only ones that have to worry about what they look like in a job interview. The Business Insider compiled various studies to demonstrate different facets of physical appearance to show how job opportunities are impacted but income. If you are overweight, short, or asymmetrical (yup, asymmetrical) you will not be making as much as someone who has the opposite features as you. Below is a table summarizing the report:

Physical AttributesAffect on PayStudy
HairMen with facial hair may see a cut in their pay considering 60% of business men who do not have beards think that facial hair is a negative feature.The Times Survey
Make-upWomen who wear make up to work are considered to look more professional by 64% of directors and have been shown to be promoted more quickly.TheGlassHammer: a website designed for Women Executives
Weight: WomenCaucasian women who are overweight typically have a 12% drop in wealth whereas African American women who are overweight have a 7% drop.Jay Zagorsky's Health and Wealth Study
Height: MenMen who are at least 6' tall make $5,525 more on average then men who are 5'5.Harvard University Study
Height: WomenWomen who exceeded the average height by 3 inches typically earn 5-8% more.Reported by Business Insider

It looks like the workplace is not immune to societal appearance-bias but before you get on a diet and go through an entire make-over—being attractive has its drawbacks as well. A few months ago MyBankTracker.com reported study findings that revealed certain occupations were not hiring women due to their attractiveness.

There are other things that affect how an individual is perceived at work, such as posture. A study conducted by the Harvard Business school titled, “Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance” found that individuals with good posture were deemed more powerful. According to the findings, stress decreases and testosterone increases by 20% when individuals have a confident posture.

Does appearance really count when it comes to the workplace? Have you ever felt discriminated because of the way you look or dress?

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