The bad news for savers continues churn out as American Express Bank, FSB.’s high-yield savings accounts falls from 1.30% APY to a less competitive 1.15% APY.

As the deposits division of legendary credit card giant American Express Company, it has been touted for having a great savings rate and stellar customer service according to the reviews here on

The praises for offering a high savings accounts APY may no longer apply as the rate has just dropped from 1.30% APY to 1.15% APY, a whopping 0.15% decrease. It represents a large cut as many banks cut their rates slowly over time whereas American Express Bank opted for a single dramatic drop.

As the minor differences interest rates on popular savings accounts become insignificant, other features of the bank will play larger roles in attracting new customers. Areas such as the account opening experience, customer service, and fund transfer time will receive larger emphasis while we wait for higher interest rates, subject to the economy’s recovery.

American Express Banks Falls on the Charts

American Express Bank, FSB. held the position with the top-earning savings yield at 1.30% APY but falls a few spots among the ranks after the rate cut. Sallie Mae Bank, which been a fierce competitor, also recently dropped its savings rate from 1.30% APY from 1.25% APY and now becomes the leader in savings rates.

Here’s how the current top online savings accounts pan out:

BankAPY (as of 3/3/11)Minimum depositProduct page
Sallie Mae Bank1.25%$0View product
Discover Bank1.20%$500View product
Capital One1.20%$0View product
American Express Bank1.15%$0View product

Are you a current customer who is considering switching banks in search of higher savings returns? Or, is there some aspect of the bank or account that convinces you to stay put? Let us know in the comments section below or consider writing a bank review.

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  • R.

    I have a savings bank account with American Express and I am thinking of switching to Sallie Mae.
    The question for me is how difficult is it to open a new bank account and switch everything in my account from 1 bank account to another bank account?

    • Simon Zhen

      Switching banks are relatively simple. The most annoying part is waiting for the funds transfer. Rather than route the money from your old account into the checking account and the into your new account, open the Sallie Mae account and link it to the American Express account. Once the transfer is complete, you can proceed to close the American Express account (if you want to close it ).