(UPDATE2: Bank of America®’s mobile check deposit feature has launched.)

(UPDATE: Bank of America®’s mobile deposit feature has been pushed back for launch in the second half of 2012.)

The ability to deposit checks on mobile phones is a highly anticipated feature among Bank of America® customers, who can finally expect it in 2012.

In an effort to keep up with the innovations in mobile banking, Bank of America® (NYSE: BAC) has been running tests for its own mobile check deposit feature. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the highly demanded feature, customers of the largest commercial bank in the U.S. may have to wait another year.

Tests in Progress

In October 2009, American Banker reported, from people familiar with the project, that Bank of America® is testing its own mobile deposit service on Apple’s iPhone. The feature allows customers to deposit checks simply by taking photographs of the front and back sides of the check.

While it remains unclear whether development and testing began in 2009, the feature is definitely coming. “Bank of America® conducted a Mobile Remote Deposits market trial during the first half of 2010. The trial was well-received by our customers and we have added the capability to our roadmap,” a Bank of America® spokesperson, Tara Burke, said in an email.

One More Year for BofA Smartphone Users

According to an anonymous source, Bank of America® and Merrill Lynch employees are entering the beta testing stages of the mobile check deposit feature starting this month. With over 5 million mobile banking customers, Bank of America® will have to be well prepared volume-wise and security-wise to process a large number of mobile deposits.

Burke did not confirm whether employees are testing the feature. “Currently, we are targeting a Q2 2012 launch and will deploy on the most popular mobile platforms. This capability reflects the growing appeal for the convenience of Mobile Banking services and a demonstration of how Bank of America® is providing relevant solutions for day-to-day financial management.”

Mobile remote deposit capture was pioneered by USAA Bank in August 2009. Chase, one of Bank of America®’s top competitors, introduced their QuickDeposit feature on the iPhone in July 2010 and on Android devices in November 2010. The feature has been praised in USAA Bank reviews and Chase reviews on MyBankTracker.com.

The expected release of the Mobile Remote Deposit feature comes nearly three years after initial word of testing. Possible factors in Bank of America®’s late launch are the size of the bank and the existence of multiple mobile platforms. With Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating systems battling for market share of smartphone users, Bank of America®’s plan to “deploy on the most popular mobile platforms” will prove to be a major feat. Currently, there are Bank of America® apps on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Have you been one of the customers eagerly anticipating this feature? OR Do you use the feature with Chase Bank? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • anonymous

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for Bank of America to follow Chase, and offer “quick deposit” for mobile banking

  • Suzie_q

    I have a Bank of America account and several others. I live in MA and heard Rockland Trust introduced their app for the iPhone to make deposits so….I opened an account on line, got their mobile banking for free and then got the iPhone deposit app for free. Pretty cool! Bank of America, why is it taking so long?

  • Jeaniebigmama

    Love my Mobile Banking with Bank of America…this feature would make me love it even more…

  • Jenny1327

    would love this on Android! Hurry please

  • Smile1

    too bad BofA and others are not forward thinking – adding this capability for PC’s would be great for customers who are wasting gas driving to an atm to deposit a check – US Bank is closest but still misses the mark by charging for remote deposits & no camera capture just scanner option – how lame. come on folks get with the program.

  • Anonymous

    I am already using Chase banking feature on my iphone. But, I think BOA is much behind Chase in this concern.I am eagerly waiting for this to get deployed.

  • Brent Bockholt

    We recently lost a few deposits transferring from our office to the bank. My broker claims she gave them to me and I don’t recall receiving them. This will be huge in helping us streamline our property management business. Since we receive so many rent checks each month it will help us keep on track.

  • Dre

    wow switched to BofA because I thought they had this same feature….so damn annoying that they dont, I think im switching back to chase….

  • Mike Anderson

    I have been wainting for 2 years for this. I am a small business owner and my checks come in the mail. Each night after I arrrive home I usually run back to my BOA to make deposits. This will save me a lot of time

  • number_one

    I’ve been a BoA customer for more than 15 years and I have also been waiting for this capability ever since USAA came out with it years ago. Now that many other banks are starting to offer it and BoA is taking forever I’m seriously considering switching everything to a bank that actually keeps up with the pace of technology. You’d think BoA would have the resources to pull this off quickly compared to many other banks. I’ll wait a bit longer, but not much…

  • Jack

    I have been with chase for years and used the quickdeposit and LOVED IT! but they started to charge fees for my accounts and switched to B of A and do I miss the quickdeposit now…

  • anonymous

    Netflix mobile deposits come on now android isnt just a small platform were working with. Google’s android has me typing this by voice come on seriously update for android please It’s not like we don’t have half the market as android consumers

  • anon

    Good information to know, but, Bank of America: Q2 of _2012_!?! Looks like it’s time to migrate to USAA rather than wait another year for a service BoA should’ve had the wherewithal and foresight to have online already.

  • Courtney

    The idea that such a major bank is soooo far behind is very disappointing. Get it together BofA.

  • iPhone Addict

    Yes! The ATMs are cutting edge. I love the enhancements to Online Banking. My iPhone app is great. Still not sure why this last piece of the puzzle is going to take another year.

    • Aoliver2

      Bank of America’s ATM’s break down all the time – as soon as they added the check scanning feature. I am so very tired of hearing their staff and customer service say “I’m sorry.” Years of “I’m sorry” really means “there is nothing I can do so please go away.” It is time for a solution… and I don’t know if I am willing to wait until 2012!

  • Friend

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for too long. I’m thinking of switching to CHASE.

  • Been waiting and surprised it’s going to take another year.

  • Anon

    I have been waiting for this feature since I got my Android Smartphone, nearly 2 years now.

  • Kpbullard

    I have a Chase business account and use the mobile check deposit feature all of the time. Every trip that I don’t have to make to the bank is money saved. Would live to have the same feature for my personal BOA acct.

    • Alex Matjanec

      Currently US Bank is charing $0.50 for every upload. If Chase implemented this fee, would you still use is a frequently?

    • Alex Matjanec

      Currently US Bank is charing $0.50 for every upload. If Chase implemented this fee, would you still use is a frequently?

      • Roo

        I would in a heartbeat. Worth .50 not to have to go to and deal with the bank/atm when I can do it from home.

  • BT

    I am a BOA customer. I also have been waiting patiently but I think this mean results are because they are testing the software to make sure it’s good for all android devices when it hits the market. Be patient folks. LOL.

  • Pappuindian

    I’ve a check waiting with me right now and I want to deposit with my iphone right now. C’mon BofA, you still don’t have the feature?……………..how about now?……………..now?

  • Ivette

    Conestoga Bank in PA offers Mobile Deposit for iphone and Blackberry. It is a great tool. I don’t know how I lived without it. No more bank lines!!

  • Rosesb99


  • ginae

    Yes, I have been waiting the mobile deposit feature. My sister already does it with Chase. I envy that she can deposit checks from home! Next year is still too long to wait!!

  • Bofa cust

    Seriously, bofa should have the resources to be one of the first to roll this out, not 2+years later!

  • JustMe

    I am most definitely eager to have this feature. I actually find it strange and frustrating that B of A would take so long to roll this out. It is obviously possible and they will end up being two years late with this. I chose B of A because of their size and assumed I would always get the best with them. I guess I will have to settle for 3rd best in this case. Oh, and with my wife’s in-home daycare business, we get a lot of checks and often.

  • Kat

    We NEED this Now! Security and getting it right matters. Waiting Android User, Come ob B of A, you have the $$$

  • anonymous

    Come on people let them get it right and secure, because if something goes wrong due to rushing, all of you will be on a witch hunt. Trust me me when it is finally implemented, we will all be happy in knowing that it was fully tested and secure.

    • Zia Evans

      FINALLY!!!! someone w/ common sense. Believe me, i’m all for the excitement. I’m excited too, but i’ll be even more excited when it’s available after it’s fully tested.

  • I am a long time Bank of America customer, but I want this feature so badly that I opened up a Chase account just so I can use that feature. Now anytime I receive a physical check I deposit it into my Chase account using QuickDeposit so that I never have to go to the bank at all. I still have my direct deposit going to BofA and use that money from there, but am contemplating switching completely over to Chase for convenience of having 1 account.

  • OutATime

    I am chomping at the bit for the app that allows me to deposit annoying pieces of paper with out lining up at the bank for which I have zero time for…

  • Wellssam

     I am so looking forward to this feature. Chase has it already. I just hope BoA apply it to the blackberry, since this is what I have.  I love BoA mobile service already. It really is the only way to go.

  • Dixie

    I deposit a lot of checks at the ATMs and will feel safer making deposits in my home or office using my smartphone

  • I use BofA’s mobile app on Android, which just launched for WA State customers. I very much look forward to mobile check depositing as soon as possible!

  • Seanyb93

    I deposit about 7 checks a day at the ATM.  What pain in the rear.  One ATM near me JUST upgraded to depositing multiple checks.  It’s better then the one at a time feature but, I can not wait until mobile check depositing!!!!!

  • Dkgjqd

    I don’t understand why BOA is so behind on this technology. It would help me out so much, since I’m an accountant and having to go to the bank to deposit checks from vendors takes up so much unnecessary time. It’s almost making me want to persuade my boss to switch to Chase instead of BOA.

  • finnegan

    Yup, BofA needs this feature to compete.  Even my Schwab account has quick deposit now.  In fact, as a business banker, I am considering moving my account over to Chase now simply for the ability to do mobile deposits alone.

    BofA not having this feature is probably costing them a lot of customers.

    But I’m guessing they are losing so much money on bad mortgage loans and other nonsense that their mom and pop banking accounts are probably low priority.  Squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Time to start squeaking more loudly!!!

  • guest

    Still waiting for B of A to catch up!  Big = slow I guess.

  • pfeifler

    BS that BoA is taking so long.   But not a big issue for me as Fidelity Investments has it and I will just use them more.  Sorry BoA. 

  • mike

    waiting for ever it seems since other banks offered it

  • Joeygarren

    Yes I am one of the eager bank of america customers that have been waiting for this app its with my schedule and the hours I work its hard for me to get to the bank sometimes (thank goodness for direct deposit) but sometimes I get checks and I can’t wait for this feature to be an upgrade in my already awesome bank of america mobile app.

  • Simmonster

    I really do quite like BoA and have been a loyal customer for years now, but Chase is so on their game – and mobile depositing is such a wonderful feature I too am considering migrating to Chase. If BoA weren’t so far behind, I’d wait – but Q2 2012? Hm…disappointing.

  • Wildwolf1082

    I am not a BofA customer, but even I can see how dangerous this mobile depoist is….Think about this.  Anyone can hack a number, and claim its them.  Anyone can forge a signature.  There are many things wrong, and I for one, would rather drive far so I can deposit it on my own with the security that it will be in MY account and not someone’s else….remember…even with mobile there CAN be mistakes made and the checks deposited in the wrong account….No thanks!

  • Wildwolf1082

    I am not a BofA customer, but even I can see how dangerous this mobile depoist is….Think about this.  Anyone can hack a number, and claim its them.  Anyone can forge a signature.  There are many things wrong, and I for one, would rather drive far so I can deposit it on my own with the security that it will be in MY account and not someone’s else….remember…even with mobile there CAN be mistakes made and the checks deposited in the wrong account….No thanks!

  • Come on Bank of America… it’s almost the year 2000 😉 and it’s time we had an app for our smart phones that aren’t invented yet, but will be here in the next few years.  What’s next some sort of global financial crisis? please, that can’t happen.

  • Roo

    I use it with Chase bank and LOVE it. Disappointed BOA is taking so long. Thinking about closing my account there because of this feature.

  • Joey

    I first used usaa scan on home computer, then there iPhone app but always keep a bank of America account as a main bank do to the fact they are such a big bank and are everywhere. My wife’s in the military and we are now in Guam guess what no BofA so now we have 3 banks to deal with wish BofA had this I would be able to move money without going anywhere

  • Kramerz

    Hurry up!  This would make me switch banks if I wasn’t so lazy.

  • Hugo

    So, do they offer this now? I’ll move several million dollars’ worth of accounts if they do…

  • Donald

    Hurry up BoA! I’m on the verge of switching banks because of this…….

  • Phosdick

    I need this feature to the point of considering switching to another bank… please hurry this up so I don;t have to.

  • Aoliver2

    hopes this feature works better than their check scanning ATM’s. I am at my wits end with their constant malfunction and poor customer service. Depositing a check shouldn’t be such a hassle.

  • Aoliver2

    hopes this feature works better than their check scanning ATM’s. I am at my wits end with their constant malfunction and poor customer service. Depositing a check shouldn’t be such a hassle.

  • Aoliver2

    hopes this feature works better than their check scanning ATM’s. I am at my wits end with their constant malfunction and poor customer service. Depositing a check shouldn’t be such a hassle.

  • Fuchs Joshua

    Having moved to Minnesota and discovering Bank of America does not hold water with no banking centers in the state I was disappointed that this feature is still in development. Sadly, there is only one ATM that accepts deposits in the whole area and it is not convenient to get to. I suspect that as a result I will no longer be a Bank of America customer as a result.

  • Linder

    Can’t believe a big bank like BOA is taking so long to launch such a simple feature which has been in the market by CHASE, who have tested deposits of more than 1.9 million dollars. Why is BOA dragging their feet on this. Being a loyal BOA for more than 10 years now I am considering of going with Chase the leader in mobile banking innovations.

  • SuperDad

    cant wait for this!!

  • Greg

    We live in a rural area about 30 minutes away from the closest BofA branch / ATM. I now have ot schedule when I make the deposit runs due to the high price of gas and just the time out of the day. I have been an iPhone diehard since they hit the market and the mobile app for BofA is great…. with the exception of this missing feature. I would LOVE to be a beta tester but can wait until 2Q 2012 if need be… just HURRY!!!

  • Millarri

    I bank with USAA, and their mobile app is great on the Droid and iPhone. Make deposits on-line, it’s GREAT, where are you BofA???

  • HunterF

    Hurry the F up BofA! As always late to the game.

  • Krfeldstein

    I’m currently using this featue with my PayPal account and am anxious to be able to use it with my B of A checking account!

  • Jdalgamouni

    I am dying waiting for Bank of America to have iphone scan my checks to my account so much that I am thinking of changing banks instead of waiting.

  • mobile bank user

    I would really like this feature for my Android and Blackberry devices.

  • yes i been waiting a long time been a BofA for almost 5 years now but i just can’t wait so next week I’m opening an account with chase and yes, if you asks, the only reason is because of mobile deposit =)
    i’m still keeping my BofA so its good to know they are going to offer the same future some time in the future 

  • Bert_atwork

    Can’t wait to tried it, I think it will be a time saving tool.

  • Yoda829

    Would absolutely love to have this feature! I keep hearing about all these other banks are doing it successfully and I have to watch with great anticipation!

  • Nandes

    B of A continues to fail to deliver what customers want.  

  • Sportyacres

    That’s pretty bad that your technology for depositing checks through the mobile phone is taking 2 years longer than Chase.  I guess that shows you who is #1.  Get with the program!

  • Jgarner

    Mobile Check Deposit — Why is BOA the last one to the party? How could it possibly take so much longer than other banks?

  • Nkenge

    I recently relocated to LA, a state that has no BoA physical location or ATM.  Therefore, having the option to make deposits using my iPhone, rather than mailing them in, would be EXTREMELY helpful.  Although I have been a BoA customer for many years, having no access to the bank and the lack of this feature has made me seriously consider switching to another bank!

  • I use and love the Chase mobile deposit feature.  Their functionality is easy and, so far, bugless.  Wrote up a little piece on the service, I like it so much.  http://bit.ly/n3Rej3

  • jshack

    I HATE HATE HATE going to a branch to do things that are very easily accomplished online. Its about time BoA, its about time.

  • Guest1

    I’ve been a Bank of America customer for 15 years, but I’ve had it with them.  Their processing of a recent mortgage was awful:  poor communications, repeated requests for information that they already had, did everything at the last minute, etc.  The lack of electronic check deposits on the mobile app at Bank of America is yet another reason to close our account with them.  My wife banks at Chase, and their app has deposits, which is a great feature.  We’re moving our business there.

  • Ms Behavin

    I am a BOA customer and can’t wait for this feature. I love it for Chase account. Once BOA gets it up and running successfully bye bye Chase.

  • Jerixon

    Looking for it to happen soon!  So conveneient.  Everybody has scanners now and camera phones — well, almost everybody.  I’ll be glad when it comes.

  • eagerly awaiting this feature.  Q2 2012 seems so far away.

  • jean billy

    that sucks 2012… WTF get with it B of A!!!

  • JHL918

    The reason the larger banks are not offering mobile deposits is because they want you to walk in to one of their branches. Once you’re inside the branch, their tellers are trained to sell you extra accounts, credit cards, and other useless banking products. When you no longer walk inside their branches, it’s more difficult for them to sell you things.

  • Windee Little

    Still waiting…always has been a progressive bank but this is ridiculous!

  • Junior acevedo

    can not wait to get this app, so i can deposit my checks right from home

  • Guest

    I have had an account with BofA for about three years now.  I ordered checks (online) today for the first time, specifically because I can transfer from BofA (where my pay goes) to Chase by using my smartphone. (Motorola DroidX)  I don’t use checks because they’re a pain and I don’t receive very many checks.  The ‘quick deposit’ feature is absolutely spectacular and I anticipate using it frequently.  And yes I would pay $.50 for the service (if I had to) because that’s cheaper than $34.
    S. Miller / San Francisco / CA

  • munyhuny

    BoA’s inability to understand the consumer causes it so many problems- and reactionary responses. Mobile check deposit( even with a scanner, like the extant business banking feature) is a requisite feature – if BoA checked in with the customer maybe they wouldn’t have to Chase clients that left…..

    • Alex Matjanec

      I wonder how many people will be excited for the feature if BofA chooses to charge users to use it like US Bank does ($0.50).

      • I’d pay the fifty cents gladly to save a trip to the bank. Pretty sure my gas used to get to the bank is much more.

        • Alex Matjanec

          Good point. Have seen a number of readers use the cost of gas as reason to pay the fee. Maybe the banks are thinking the same way.



  • Mkraus18

    been waiting for awhile considering people are using skimmers to track your card info and clean you out… it’d be great to get this… last year.

  • I need this now!

  • ecscuba

    Just downloaded the app on my Ipad.  VERY disappointed to discover I can’t deposit a check using this app.  B of A was at the forefront when they first launched on line banking years ago — they clearly haven’t kept pace.  How good is the app if you can’t put money in the bank?  They may launch the function Q2 2012?  Seriously?  Do they think we want to wait while they develop what the other banks already have ?  I’ll be putting my money in another bank that offers some service.  Nobody has time to wait in line at the bank these days.  B of A needs to focus on the needs of the customer.  Without us you are gone.

  • David Monroe

    As a business owner who deposits multiple checks at a time this will be a nice feature and I can’t wait. I hate the new ATMs and often spend 5 minutes or more waiting for one to be free and another 5 – 10 minutes depositing. This is unacceptable and a step backward IMO. I know the days of deposit envelopes are gone for good but they are still a better option than the slow scanning of each individual check just because BofA wants to save money.

    • Alex Matjanec

      Hey David, thanks for the comment. I’m interested to know if you would still use this feature if you had to pay a fee of let’s say $0.50 per deposit like US Bank charges.

  • anonymous

    Yes, BOA please introduce this to iPhone soon!  Can’t wait any longer!  You don’t want to loose customers to Chase because of this awesome popular feature do you?

  • Bdhilton72

    Hell no I would not pay the fee…..$.50 today is $2.00 next year and I am sick to death of excessive fees charged by Bank of America. 

  • no name consumer

    all these conveniences of no envelope deposits and mobile banking, and now w/ depositing checks via your smart phone…why would the consumer be charged a fee.  All these things alleviate the need of a teller…which one might get charged to go to the teller.  It is becoming ridiculous as to what people get charged, just for someone to do their jobs.  I am all about conveniences; however, don’t charge me for something when it’s someone’s job to do it.  I will tip a waiter/waitress/bartender…I realize they don’t get paid more than a few bucks an hour and tips cover the rest.  Delivery drivers automatically get a portion of the delivery fee, the person cutting your hair, makes money off the haircut, and a bank teller gets paid to make your transactions.  Why would I pay extra to cover someone’s cost of doing their job?  Now, banks have ways to eliminate positions through online banking, smartphone banking, etc…and they want to charge for it…I don’t think so.

  • Robinco2

    For us the live in the country this service certainly would be helpful. 

  • Meghan

    WHEN CAN WE HAVE IT! Come on BofA. Your one of the biggest banks and you are soooo behind! Just get it out for Android and iPhone and work on the others later. 

    And don’t even think about being Ebenezer Scrooges and charging a fee for this feature because I will pull the cord quicker than you can say money! Try just adding the feature for competitive marketing instead of looking to gain a dime. More happy customers = a million+ dimes.

  • rock

    c’mon already!!!

  • tex

    hurry up!

  • Michael jones

    Its a must have and boa you are taking too long. Chase are doing it for free and I’m currently using and its great. I would never pay you guys when I can do it for free. Stop looking to make a quick dime and get this feature out to your customers ASAP!! You are behind to one of your biggest rivals right now….y??? It’s close to being a year and you ain’t responded with anything!

  • Romi

    I use this feature with Chase on my business account, and I love it! I like Bank of America very much, but I’m this close to switching my personal accounts to Chase as well just because of this feature

  • Debdoss2000

    What happens if a check is deposited via i-phone, then the same check is cashed at a grocery store of check cashing facility???

    • Simon Zhen

      The second attempt to cash the check is likely to trigger an alert for check fraud — banks have fraud detection systems to prevent nefarious folks from cashing a check multiple times. How the situation is handled may vary depending on the payer’s institution — law enforcement will most likely get involved.

  • Jeff M

    I won’t pay the fee.  Chase doesn’t charge a fee.  I have never had a better banking experience than Chase.  I was very dissapointed after moving to DC and seeing no Chase locations anywhere nearby.  If Chase ever reaches the DC market, I’ll dump BofA in a hearbeat.

  • Bwendell

    this is LONG over due. BOA online banking has been terrific. BOA should launch asap and tout it’s environmental gains. My closest atm/branch is 15 miles, Round trip 30 miles. Most of my clients’ payable departments don’t do direct deposit. That’s a lot of miles my business requires me drive to deposit checks. 

  • Jeffrey Fielhauer

    I think that makes them officially the last bank on earth to implement this.

  • just open a merrill lynch account.  same company and they have mobile check deposits. 

  • kevin34ct

    ING Direct already has this feature, not to mention their banking is much better. I get .05% interest on my checking with no minimum and .08% interest on my savings with no minimum. There are also no fees for overdraft transfers compared to BofA $10 to transfer from your own account to cover an overdraft. I went over by 1 cent on a charge and got charged $10 to transfer a penny. We don’t need to pay anything else to get access to our own money.

  • Paul

    This feature needs to be out now I’m tired of going to the bank and ATM to deposit a check. I can not wait any longer hurry up and get this feature out to your customers.

  • Currently, there are Bank of America apps on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and WINDOWS PHONE devices.

  • DrJ

    I would not pay the fee. I would just deposit it in my Chase acct., and transfer it to B of A. A little convoluted, but I wouldn’t be doing it that often

  • DrJ

    P.S. We are now in the 3rd quarter.

  • corey

    i have usaa and bankofamerica and it is so frustrating not being able to deposit my checks directly to bofa i wish they would hurry up

  • Joe Kasmijan

    Wait, would you get sued for copying Chase?

  • Lelo

    Why should we pay? On line customer data entry is a benefit for the corporation, we should receive a reward instead.

  • jlblues

    It is now 2013 and Bank of America app still SUCKS. When I try to deposit a check, I take a pic of the front then the back. After I take the back shot (I know that sound a bit gross) the front pic is gone. This app SUCKS for a big time company like BofA! COME-ON!