For those of you who are keeping up with the situation in Libya, here is a live streaming video to see what President Obama has to say about the situation. The president was supposed to speak at 2:00 PM EDT, but there has been a slight delay.

Earlier today it was announced that Libya’s foreign minister announced a ceasefire after the united nations approved a no-no fly zone. The President is currently gearing up for a trip to South America, but wanted to discuss the nation’s plans on dealing with the ceasefire.

President Obama has been swamped with press conferences and meetings recently due to various events including the disaster in Japan and last months riots in Egypt. Obama is in a tough position because of the two wars currently going on and the stigma attached to sending military enforcements to the Middle East. That being said, the country clearly needs help in its current state.

To learn more about the ceasefire in Libya and what in means to the U.S. check out our article: Ceasefire in Libya Could Save U.N. Up to $300 Million per Week.

White House Live Stream Video

The banks and markets have been going up and down because the eventful past month. Economic analysts expect that the ceasefire will save taxpayers money and cause less harm to oil prices. The no-fly zone is expected to cause a $10-$15 drop per barrel of crude oil. Keep updated with the latest financial news out of the White House by checking back with to see live streaming videos.

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