The first day of spring officially passed on March 20, 2011 and many are ecstatic at the prospect of warmer weather. Now that spring is here there is more to look forward to than just nice weather, spring savings!

Every season provides savvy shoppers with new opportunities to save, spring is no exception. If you missed the fall savings guide and want to see if you kept track of your spending check out our 5 things to buy this fall article. Here is a list of’s items to save on for spring:

1. Winter Wear

Towards the end of the winter your coat can start to feel like a big, mobile cage, but if it’s time for an upgrade now is time buy. Many retailers are trying to clear out space in their stores and warehouses so they are marking down their outerwear items. It may be hard to justify a winter purchase when it’s warm out, but you will be paying much less now than you would once it starts to get cold again.

2. Mattresses

The mattress industry tends to update their models around spring time, so you can find some great sales on mattresses. Depending on who you talk to mattresses are supposed to be replaced ever 5-7 years (previously it was 8-10), but before you dive in and buy one in your price range see if you can find a deal. Mattress suppliers often offer special deals like 20-50% off or free delivery and disposal.

3. Go Thrifting

Thrift shopping is not for everyone, but if you are of fan of digging through piles of things to find that perfect piece: clothing, jewelry or antiques, now is the time. Secondhand stores often get their highest amount from March through April because that is the time everyone is getting their spring cleaning done. The more people clean out their closets and homes, the more you can profit off it.

4. Get New Heating

If your home needs to be weather-proofed now is the time to do it. HVAC installers see business slow down in the spring because people are not in dire need of heating or new air conditioning. This slowdown is a sure way to find contractors that will get the job done for less. Don’t wait until your heat breaks in the middle of the winter, fix the problem now for cheaper and gain peace of mind.

5. Frozen Food

Okay, hear us out on this one. You know all those random months celebrating something strange? March is no different. March 1-31 is officially Frozen Food Month according to The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA). The great thing about stocking up on frozen foods is that they never go bad, all you need is the space in your fridge. So hit up your closest supermarket and get as much frozen pizza as you possibly can.

What are your spring savings tips? Let us know!

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