Chase introduces a way for small business to reach the ever-growing customer base that likes to shop on the web. With Chase Instant StorefrontTM, small business owners can easily establish an online presence to take their businesses to the next level.

Chase Instant StorefrontTM is an all-inclusive solution offered by Chase Paymentech, the payment processing subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), also the parent corporation of Chase bank.

For small business owners, Chase Instant StorefrontTM offers the ability to create a customized e-commerce website or dedicated checkout system that would expand sales through products sold online.

Small business owners can pick a template, upload store or company logos, and begin selling products online in minutes. After customers make a purchase, the money is usually deposited into your Chase Business checking account the next business day.

As an introductory offer to Chase Instant Storefront, small business owners can get $100 cash back when they sign up for Chase Instant Storefront with monthly plans starting at $29.95. The offer expires on June 30, 2011.

Chase will help small business owners save on the following fees:

  • Application fee (save $100)
  • Set-up fee (save $50)
  • Point-of-sale terminal fee (save $350)

Chase Instant Storefront is only available to small business owners with a Chase Business checking account.

While there are no start-up costs, the ongoing cost is the monthly fee and payment processing fees. Chase will collect $0.20 per transaction authorization and 2.18% per credit swipe and 1.95% per debit swipe.

If you are a Chase Business checking accountholder and are interest in Chase Instant StorefrontTM, you can visit a local branch or click here for more information.

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  • Jboza

    Is there something wrong with the links on the site? I click the online store and no demo???

    • Jboza

      The link you sent worked hwever I was looking for an intertactive storefront set up demo. That was not what I thought it was. Is there another link?

    • Simon Zhen

      The link should be working fine. You link at the end of the article will bring you to the Chase Instant Storefront page.

      Or, visit:

      • Jboza

        yes the click here link worked but the image I thought would have been a link too.

  • Dawn

    a tad confusing to me….a web based store front with fees stated for credit card or debit card swipes which require a terminal. Why would an Instant Storefront require a terminal?

    • Simon Zhen

      You’re right, the Instant Storefront will not require a physical terminal.

      Chase will not charge an application fee or a set-up fee. And since the sales transactions will occur entirely online, no terminal will be needed and, therefore, no fee will be charged (constituting a “savings” for the small business owner).

  • Jirani

    What is the cancellation fee? Are you required to sign a contract, if yes, for how long?

  • Sue

    I am not currently a Chase business account holder. Would I still be able to open an account and start a Storefront site where my online sales would be deposited into a new Chase account?

    • Simon Zhen

      You must be a Chase Business checking accountholder prior to signing up for Chase Instant Storefront.

      For a more detailed answer to your specific situation, visit a local Chase branch or call Chase Paymentech with your question at 1-800-385-9625.

  • Rennieo

    can chase storefront support flash on the home page