How satisfied are you with your city? The answer to that question may have a lot to do with your job satisfaction, a recent Gallup poll revealed.

Residents of Lincoln, Neb. appear to be the most satisfied with their city—or, 96.7% of the city’s residents to be exact, according to the organization’s recent poll. In comparison, residents of Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz. were identified as being the least satisfied with their city according to the poll.

Other cities where residents showed higher dissatisfaction rates included former manufacturing hubs like Toledo, Ohio and Binghamton, N.Y.—where unemployment rates have increased in recent decades. Cities charting higher satisfaction rates included Boulder, Colo.; Madison Wisc. and Holland-Grand Haven, Mich., according to the poll.

CityPercent Satisfied
Lincoln, Neb.96.7%
Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo.96.1%
Holland-Grand Haven, Mich.93.9%
Boulder, Colo.93.7%
Provo-Orem, Utah92.9%
Austin-Round Rock, Tex.92.5%
Madison, Wisc.92.1%
Raleigh-Cary, N.C.91.8%
Little Rock-N, Little Rock-Conway, Ark.91.8%
Bellingham, Wash.91.4%
CityPercent SatisfiedCityPercent of Satisfied Residents
Lincoln, Neb.96.7%Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz.74.1%
Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo.96.1%Stockton, Calif.75%
Holland-Grand Haven, Mich.93.9%Toledo, Ohio75.9%
Boulder, Colo.93.7%Binghamton, N.Y.76.1%
Provo-Orem, Utah92.9%Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, Ohio-Penn.76.3%
Austin-Round Rock, Tex.92.5%Buffalo-Niagra Falls, N.Y.76.5%
Madison, Wisc.92.1%Fayetteville, N.C.76.7%
Raleigh-Cary, N.C.91.8%Corpus Christi, Tex.77.1%
Little Rock-N, Little Rock-Conway, Ark.91.8%Flint, Mich.77.3%
Bellingham, Wash.91.4%Huntington-Ashland, W. Va., Ky-Ohio77.5%

City Satisfaction=Job Satisfaction:

An person’s satisfaction with their city has a lot to do with two factors according to Gallup’s analysis of its findings: their access to a stable sources of income as well as their average income levels. In the case of Lincoln, Neb., the city currently boasts the lowest unemployment rate of any U.S. city. Yet, the affluence of a city doesn’t necessarily correlate to satisfaction–while the median income of those residing in the Buffalo-Niagara, N.Y. rests at a healthy $63,700, those living there are still amongst the least satisfied with their city.

Still, greater access to economic resources do place cities in a better position to provide necessary services like high-quality education, healthcare services and other factors that play a vital role in the overall well being of individuals over their lifetime. Access to wealth can also equate to lower crime rates.

Gallup’s poll surveyed more than 200,000 adults in the United States, aged 18 and older. To find out how the overall well being of your city compares to other check out Gallup’s interactive wellbeing tracking tool.

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