They are calling it the “wedding of the century”, that’s right, after knowing each other for 9 years, Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally tying the knot. was curious to see what a wedding fit for a king would cost so we decided to do some digging online. 

First, we have to remember that there are certain costs associated with this wedding that an average American wedding would not even consider. In fact the most expensive single entity for this wedding (which will be supplied by the British taxpayers) is the security — about $16 million according to most but could in actuality double that. Cleanup alone will cost an estimated $64,000.

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Also, since British citizens will be celebrating the wedding with a day off, sources estimate this will cost the British economy an additional $7.9 billion. The extra day comes the week after Easter, giving employees a 3-day work week, and employers fear many workers might call in sick for the entire week.

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For those of you that did not get invites for the April 29, event it will be taking place in Westminster Abbey, the famous church housing the graves of Chaucer, Dickens and other historic figures. The church will be taking losses of about $3 million in tourist dollars when they close for setup.

ItemRoyal WeddingAverage American Wedding (based on NYC)
Cake$80,000 (for one of them)$550
Flowers$320,000 - $800,000$4,800
Champagne$60,000$5,000 (for all bar services)
Wedding Ring$11,000$2,500

Some other common costs for a wedding like music are harder to calculate since five different musical groups will be performing:

  • The Choir of Westminster Abbey
  • The Chapel Royal Choir
  • The London Chamber Orchestra
  • The Fanfare Team from the Central Band of the Royal Air Force
  • The State Trumpeters of The Household Cavalry

They will be performing throughout the 19 staterooms in Buckingham Palace that will host the fabulous reception. With speculations abound, all told, this wedding is expected to cost at least $32 million, but most reports put it at much higher, depending on how you factor in public services. Compare that to the average American wedding: $30,000 for everything.

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Of course we will most likely not know the final cost for sure until April 30, since the details are so vast, but this historic wedding has already broken records, and there are more to come. These figures were compiled from entertainment blogs and


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