The Ally Bank eCheck Deposit service has launched and is being rolled out to customers in phases. Here’s an overview into the highly-anticipated feature if you’re not in the first group to try it out.

The latest development from Ally Bank that is sure to make customers happier is the new eCheck Deposit feature, which allows check deposits via a scanner. The free service launched on April 13 extends the capabilities of the popular online bank. However, the feature is being introduced to customers in phases.

Ian Revereza, a Community member and Ally Bank customer, was among the customers in the first roll-out phase of the eCheck Deposit feature who found that it worked great. He said, “Without a doubt it is quicker than driving to a branch or ATM to make the deposit. While it may not be as easy as handing a teller your check or feeding it into an ATM, I can’t think of any easier way to make a deposit online yourself.”

Revereza was kind enough to provide us with some images of the eCheck Deposit service and the process of depositing a check.

eCheck Deposit Feature: Step-by-step

The eCheck Deposit service requires a computer that has Internet connection and is hooked up to a scanner. Customers can deposit checks into an Ally Bank savings, money market, or checking account.

  1. After logging in to your Ally Bank account, you’ll find the “make a deposit” option on the left sidebar.
  2. Click “get started” and a new window will pop up to begin a simple step-by-step process to deposit your check.
  3. Indicate the amount on the check and the receiving Ally Bank account. The check must be endorsed with your signature and “For deposit only via Ally eCheck Deposit, Ally Bank Account #(account number)”.
  4. Proceed to scan the front and the back of the check with the following properties: Grayscale, 300 dpi, JPEG format, and file size under 1MB.
  5. Upload the images of the check and confirm the deposit information.

Each check should be scanned and submitted in 10 minutes or less. Deposits submitted before 4pm ET will be posted on the next business day and you’ll receive an email when the check has been processed.

Ally suggested holding onto the check for 60 days after it clears in case there is a dispute or error.

According to the Ally Bank Deposit Agreement, Ally has no set limit to the dollar amount or number of deposits made through the eCheck Deposit Service but limits may be imposed at anytime without notice, which will most likely be done to deter fraudulent activity.

Were you part of the first roll-out phase for the feature? What are your thoughts on Ally Bank’s eCheck Deposit service?

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  • This would be better if it didn’t require a scanner and people could use their phones to capture check images instead. I’m assuming that functionality is coming.

    • Simon Zhen

      It depends largely on the customers. The growing technologically-adept population would prefer the feature in a smartphone but not every customer has a smartphone. Conversely, not everyone has a scanner.

      Mobile check deposits are most likely in the works, though Ally hasn’t said anything about it yet. Can’t imagine any large bank not having this feature in their mobile strategies.

    • justin

      dont need to have a scanner, you could take a pic with your phone and send it to the computer

  • This is awesome. I might finally dump Citibank, I basically only kept them to have a brick and mortar to deposit checks quickly.

    • Simon Zhen

      It may still be a good idea to keep your account with Citibank in the event you need to deposit cash. Meanwhile, open an Ally account as your primary financial hub to take advantage of competitive rates.

  • Reivyaneke

    Very good what can be for members from Asia, especially Indonesia … certainly a lot of customers because there is need