Want a stable income? Become a reality TV star. As with any career; the pay varies. But according to figures floating around, these individuals do very well for themselves—especially if they can throw in a cat-fight or two.

Although reality TV is not the most sophisticated form of entertainment it definitely has millions of Americans hooked. Whether the scenes are real or staged, the outcome is the same: lots of money. Here are just a few of the perks that come with becoming a Reality TV Star:

Complimentary Room & Board

The Real World is said to be “the original” reality TV show, but its cast members are pretty much at the bottom of the reality-tv-show-pay totem poll.

Although its cast does not make much per an episode, they get to have living covered—not a bad deal considering they live in beautiful lofts located near heart of various cities. The Real World apartments are typically equipped with pools, billiard tables and basically anything a twenty-something heart would desire in a post-college living space.

The members hold entry-level jobs throughout filming but reportedly can make up to $10,000 per speaking arrangement post-production.

Great Incentives

If you don’t mind being holed up with a bunch of strangers and not being allowed to communicate with the outside world, then this next show is for you.

Big Brother may sound like some sort of sociological/psychological experiment gone wrong, but to the people who participated it sounded like a pretty good payoff.

The contestant who was able to survive the constant surveillance, plotting and fan votes made out with $500,000 in grand prize money. There was even a second place prize of $50,000—not quite half a million, but not bad either.

Enormous Raises

Getting a raise is always great no matter the amount, but when it’s $499,995,000 raise it’s fantastic. Ozzy Ozbourn first shuffled his way into American’s hearts March 5, 2002 and was reported to make $5,000 an episode. MTV execs took notice of the shows growing popularity and offered the aging rockstar a reported $5 million per episode.

The now-infamous Jersey Shore cast started out with a $5,000 per-an-episode contract when the show first aired in 2009. After the loud-mouthed guidos exploded into pop culture, they quickly realized that they had the upper hand. And with the upper hand came a 100% raise to $10,000 for season two.

For season 4 the cast will take their antics all the way to Italy and will reportedly be earning $100,000 each per episode. Not only, are they making an absurd amount of money for each episode, but they also make anywhere from $25,000 to $80,000 per public appearance.

You may not watch it, but there is no denying these reality tv stars have it pretty cushy when it comes to getting paid. Would you ever consider being on a reality TV show? Let us know in the comments section!

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