It seems like banking costumers can’t go a day without hearing about the latest technological upgrades and changes in the mobile banking industry. Today’s big mobile banking news comes from Bank of America® (NYSE: BAC) as they have officially announced the launch of their official app for the Windows 7 Phone.

After months of waiting, Bank of America® customers that are also Windows 7 users can finally say they are in the technological loop. The news was posted to the Windows Phone facebook page at 4 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

The Bank of America® app, newly available to Windows 7 Phones, is free of charge and helps consumers with banking tasks such as; finding ATMs, transferring funds, managing accounts and other banking related conveniences.

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Previously the app was only offered for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Pre but the financial institution has made an effort to branch out and increase their consumer reach. The ratings of the app on iTunes seem to be fairly divided with 31,908 users giving the app a 5-star rating and 21,297 users giving it a 1-star, but if you deep farther in you will see it’s not an accurate portrayal of the app.

It is important to note that basically all of the 1-star votes were cast in 2009. This fact demonstrates that Bank of America® has been able to take criticism and utilize it in order to make a stronger, more efficient app. The 5-star ratings mainly highlighted how far the app has come from the beginning. Customers seemed to be impressed with the banks constant commitment to updating and restructuring the interface to be as convenient as possible. There were also many recent reviews that mention the appeal of the new design.

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The representative reached at Bank of America®’s Online Banking and Technological Support hotline was not able to provide details on the launch, and in fact, was not aware that the actual feature was launched. The Bank of America® also did not have a press release announcing the new smartphone addition, but there has been an April 27, 2011 youtube video advertising the new feature for the Windows 7 phone.

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