As Sony apologizes to 77 million Americans for the theft of their information, another 24.6 million users are compromised. Today, Sony admitted today that hackers have successfully stolen personal information from about 24.6 million accounts within their Sony Online Entertainment division.

This attack comes only days after patching the first outage that occurred between April 16 – 17, where their popular PlayStation Network (online gaming) was also attacked, leaving 10 million credit cards at risk. If this PR nightmare couldn’t get any worse, Sony (NYSE: SNE) now needs to patch a whole that shares both American and International user information.

In Sony’s statement they admitted late Monday that an unknown hacker not only stole user information, which includes names, address, e-mail, birth date, gender, login name and hash password, but also outdated database contacts from 2007. The outdated information included “12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates, but not the 3-digit security code. The hacker was also successful in gaining 10,700 direct debit records of certain customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.”

According to the email notices sent to SOE users, “we encourage you to be especially aware of email, telephone and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information.”

As Sony now faces even harsher criticism for their security, they did issue a response to the first attack, offering 30 free days of its premium PlayStation Plus membership, as well as an additional free 30 days to the subscriptions of current subscribers.

While Sony was unable to be reached, the company did speak with The Associated Press, indicating that they would be shutting down servers related to Sony Online Entertainment as they investigate the cause of the hack. They also stood by their earlier statements that no evidence has been shared to prove any of the information stolen has been used for financial gain.

Update: Sony says the 24.6 million accounts that may have been compromised were part of the original cyber attack from roughly two weeks earlier. The network was not breached for a second time.

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  • Fishneggforme

    wow still down

  • Endeavorkills

    Wow sony you officially suck, I wish I could just log on to my psn account to delete it and all my card information especially considering I got rid of my ps3 a week ago.

  • Kaden andersen

    And poeple wonder why the 360 is better

  • Adfasdf

    hackers knew that playstation is more popular, so thats why they didnt bother hacking the xbox 360 and its low number of users 😀 haaaaaah


      Where have I heard this before…. Oh yeah now I remember, but only the safe ones will be able to see this “”


      Where have I heard this before…. Oh yeah now I remember, but only the safe ones will be able to see this “”

  • Doghar420

    guess haft to wait another week for it now…

    • Alex Matjanec

      I know! While I hope Sony can get this whole ordeal figured out. I am looking forward to just being able to use the PSN again.

  • CNN Reporter Anne D.

    According to CNN, xBox 360 sales have been up by more than 40% the current week, and PS3 sales have dropped significantly due to the 1st cyber attack. We’ve learned from our sources that PSN was hacked again on May 3rd, 2011, dropping its sales by an astonishing 62.7%, the lowest ever of gaming consoles xBox 360s, PS3s and Wiis. According to our sources, Sony has been hiding information regarding the cyber attack. What Sony did not say is the fact that more than half of the 77 million users of PSN around the world have had their personal information compromised, while an astonishing approximately 5,830,000 credit card information was also lost during the attack. As the PlayStation network is still down, gamers can only wait for hope in this online gaming nightmare.

  • Nonyadamnbusiness

    It appears to me, these hackers hack into Playstation Network, because of either their friend Geo. Or. Because they faced recourse of this in some way. But instead of taking it as it is, all these hackers are, is a bunch of retarded dogs. Why? Because only a retarded dog, who’s soon to be put to sleep, craps where it eats, and eats a load of it’s own feces, due to the fact it didn’t think things out clearly enough. If they bring down the network again, fine, let them do it. but the more they attack these networks, I say anytime we find one of their nuts in masks, at one of their rallies or whatever, we beat them to death, for being retarded mutts.

  • Suckers