How willing are you to pay for online content? Poll results recently released seem to indicated that American consumers are much less willing now then before to do so.

News organizations like the New York Times—which recently decided to begin charging readers that view more than 20 of its articles online—would be wise to take note of the results of a joint poll conducted by AdWeek/Harris Poll on Friday. According to the organization’s numbers, 80% of online readers aren’t willing to pay to read online content.

Here’s some of the other key findings discovered in the joint poll:

  • The younger the online audience the more willing they are to pay for online content. More than a quarter of those between the ages of 18-34 said they’d be willing to pay for online content, while no more than 18% felt the same way in any other age demographic polled.
  • Gender matters as well: Some 25% of men said they would pay between $1 to $10 for online content while just 15% of women said they would pay “anything” for the content.
  • Education matters, too: Some 28% of college graduates say they would pay for online content, while just 19% who have some college education and 15% of those who have not attended college would do similar.

Here’s how it broke down by age:

Willing to Pay26%18%15%17%
More than $203%2%1%1%

The Adweek/Harris Poll surveyed 2,150 adults over the age of 18 in the United States online between March 29 and March 31.

A separate poll conducted last year by the Pew Internet and American Life Project revealed 65% of American internet users had at some point purchased online media content in the form of mobile apps, music, games and news articles. The most prevalent form of online media content purchased by U.S. consumers is digital online music and software (33%), while apps closely followed with 22% of respondents stating they’d purchased apps for their phones. Last on the list of most frequently purchased content was (surprisingly) adult content.

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