Politicians in the state of Arizona are not being shy about the fact that they need money, in fact they have even begun work on a website designed solely for asking for money.

Lawmakers in Arizona have decided that the wall between Arizona and Mexico being built is not enough to keep illegal immigrants out. So, with the help of donations, they are hoping to find enough money and resources to build more fences along border.

The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer has approved of a bill that puts forth a plan where Arizona will begin a campaign to raise money by creating a website and even using minimum security prisoners as construction workers for the added fencing.

The plan is to launch a website as a test to see how much money can actually be raised. According to Senator Steve Smith, the construction would take place only after “we’ve raised a significant amount of money first,” which could be as soon as at the end of this year.

Brewer believes this is a necessary step in the fight against illegal immigration claiming the federal government is not doing enough as of right now. One of the largest reasons the state does not have enough funding for this project is because they have exhausted most of the border budget defending the controversial SB 1070 illegal immigration law in court.

The fund is expected to do well and has so far received 44,000 donations and over $3.7 million without a website. Although there is no final figure of how much the fence it will cost to put it, experts agree it will cost the state upwards of around tens of millions.

Besides the expense, this project has another thing going against it: landowners. The Arizona politicians are not the only ones who have to sign off on the construction of this added border, property owners that may be affected by the construction have to allow the states construction on their property.

Other issues come into play such as hiring more security, whether or not other border states will be compliant with the construction and more. Some individuals even view this proposal as an “empty solution” due to the exorbitant costs and the states inability to pay them. Would you donate money to Arizona for the building of a second fence? Let us know in the comments:

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  • Pknnew

    Where do I donate?

    • Redorgreen4u

      My question as well!

    • Marina

      Hey @efece6c17f73407433cf6e8ca4130a26:disqus ,
      According to the press release they have only just gotten the bill approved to build the site. Sen. Smith says they will be working as fast as possible to get it up and running.

  • Benjamin Lascelle

    This is a waste of time and money. Fences can be defeated easily. Unless every southern state builds a fence, illegal immigrants will simply climb or go around. Those who go around may enter Arizona from neighboring states. Frankly, it would be more efficient to target the reason why they come here… Jobs. The state should go after the companies that hire illegal immigrants in a way that makes it financially unsustainable for these companies to hire illegal workers. If it costs the companies more in fines and undocumented pay, then they would soon begin hiring individuals who have the legal right to work in the united states.

    • Guest

      Thank you. A fence will do nothing to keep illegals out, I see it as a means of wasting more tax payers money.

  • Toni

    I can see trampolines sale going up LOL, how high is this fence? is it high voltage?